Chain Link 1 5/8" Internal Pipe Plug (Malleable Steel)

The 1 5/8" Pipe Plug fits internally into a 1 5/8" pipe to prevent the post from filling with water, debris, insects, and more that damage the interior of the post over time. Easy to install, simply insert the plug into a 1 5/8" post.
Part Number: PP158
$1.2621 each
$1.2621 each


Chain Link 1 5/8" Internal Pipe Plug (Malleable Steel)

The 1 5/8" Pipe Plus fits inside chain link fence pipe to block access into the hollow tube. Not only does this silver pipe plug provide a finished look to the chain link fence posts, but it also prevents the build-up of water, dust, dirt, debris and more from entering the pipe. This Pipe Plug has a high-quality steel construction, ideal for outdoor use, and will lengthen the life span of the post by eliminating internal deterioration and damage.


• Fits Internally
• Easy To Install To a 1 5/8" Pipe
• High-Quality Steel Composition
• Prevents Build-Up Inside The Pipe
• Lengthens The Life-Span Of The Pipe Or Post
• Provides A Finished Look For The Fence Post


• Cap Type: Internal
• Post Size: 1 5/8" [1 5/8" OD]
• Material: Malleable Steel

Please Note: Due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the picture.

Chain Link Fitting Pipe Plugs
Name Chain Link 1 5/8" Internal Pipe Plug (Malleable Steel)
Material Type Malleable Steel
Fits OD Pipe 1 5/8"
Pipe Size 1 5/8" [1 5/8" OD]
Price $1.2621