Chain Link 1320' 4-Point Barbed Wire Roll w/ 5" Coil Spacing - Class 3 Barbed Wire (Galvanized Steel)

Barbed wire mainly serves in the protection of grass boundaries, railways, highways and containment facilities. This class 3 barbwire is manufactured to withstand the elements. Our roll is 1320 ft long, allowing plenty of wire for your needs.
Part Number: BW3

$198.7650 each


Chain Link 1320' 4-Point Barbed Wire Roll w/ 5" Coil Spacing - Class 3 Barbed Wire (Galvanized Steel)

The Barbed Wire Roll has a length of 1320 ft with a 5" wide coil spacing once installed. The corrosion-resistant galvanized steel wire is recommended for residential and commercial applications for low level, cost-effective security in parking lots, industrial facilities, storage unit areas, warehouses, construction sites, and more and meets the ASTM A 121-99 standard.


• Meets ASTM A 121-99
• High Corrosion Resistance
• High-Quality Galvanized Steel
• Bend-Resistant 4-Point Barbs
• Provides Low Level Security As Needed
• Lightweight And Easy To Install And Move
• Cost-Effective Property Security As Opposed To Expensive Security Systems
• Versatile - Used For Containment, Protection, Division, Or As A Deterrent


• Parking Lots
• Industrial Facilities
• Storage Unit Areas
• Warehouses And Construction Sites
• Effective In Both Commercial And Residential Applications


• Gauge: 12.5
• Class: 3 (CL3)
• 4 Point Barb Wire
• Barb Spacingt: 5"
• Barbed Wire Length: 1320'
• Material: Galvanized Steel

Please Note: Due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the picture.

Additional Information

Chain Link Fitting Barb Wire
Condition New
Material Type Pressed Steel
Gauge 12.5 Gauge
Length 1,320'
Finish Galvanized