Chain Link 2" [1 7/8" OD] Brace Rail End Cup - End Rail (Pressed Steel)

This Rail End Cup fits a 2" rail and can hold a top rail, mid-rail, and bottom rail in place using a brace band and carriage bolt. Typically used for residential chainlink fences, installation is easy; simply attach the rail end cap to the terminal post with a brace band, align the three holes and insert the carriage bolt, then tighten the nut until secure. One Rail End Cap is required for each top rail, mid-rail, or bottom rail connection. Brace Bands and Carriage Bolts & Nuts sold separately.
Part Number: BRES2

$2.2547 each
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Chain Link 2" [1 7/8" OD] Brace Rail End Cup - End Rail (Pressed Steel)

The Steel Rail End Cup is designed to add stability to chain link fence terminal posts for top rails, mid-rails, and bottoms rails when used in tandem with a brace band and carriage bolt. Easy to install for residential chain link fences, these rail end cups attach to the rail and terminal post aligned with the brace band for a secure connection of the rail and post. Also known as a rail end, the Rail End Cup has a high-quality steel construction that resists rust for long-term outdoor use and features a welded-on two-hole tab. Fits 2" (1 7/8" OD Actual) Rail.


• Fits 2" Rail
• Adds Stability To Chain Link Fence
• Heavy-Duty Rust-Resistant Steel Construction
• One Rail End Cap Required For Each Rail Connection
• Brace Bands And Carriage Bolts & Nuts Sold Separately
• Designed For Residential Chain Link Fence Applications
• Two-Hole Weld-On Tab Designed For Additional Support
• Easy To Install Using A Brace Brand And Carriage Bolt And Nut
• Creates Secure Connections For Rail And Chain Link Fence Posts


• Offset
• Galvanized
• Material: Pressed Steel
• Rail Size: 2" (1 7/8" OD Actual)
• Uses Carriage Bolt Size: 5/16 x 1 1/4"
• Fits Externally Onto Rail And Connects Using Brace Band And Bolt

Chain Link Fitting End Rail Cups
Name Chain Link 2" [1 7/8" OD] Brace Rail End Cup - End Rail (Pressed Steel)
Product Type Brace
Material Type Pressed Steel
Rail Size 2" [1 7/8" OD]
Uses Carriage Bolt Size 5/16" x 1 1/4"
Price $2.2547