Chain Link 3" [2 7/8" OD] x 1 5/8" Black 6-Strand Barb Wire Arm - V Barb Arm (Pressed Steel)

The heavy-duty, V-Type Barb Arm fits a 3" post and a 1 5/8" top rail and features a black powder coated finish. It accepts up to six strands of barb wire with convenient notches designed to make barb wire installation simple; easily snap the barb wire in place. This specially designed Barb Arm is for two-directional chainlink fence posts in which extra stability, versatility, and security is required.
Part Number: BA3X158-B
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Chain Link 3" [2 7/8" OD] x 1 5/8" Black 6-Strand Barb Wire Arm - V Barb Arm (Pressed Steel)

The 3" X 1 5/8" Black 6-Strand Barb Arm bolsters fence stability and security with its pressed steel composition. Barb arms sit atop a line to accept top rail and attach strands of barbed wire. This one-piece line arm can attach three strands of barbed wire and has a black, powder-coated finish that makes it both durable and stylish.


  • Enhances Fence Stability
  • Powder-Coated Finish Resistant To Weathering
  • Pressed Steel Composition For Strength And Durability


  • Material: Pressed Steel
  • Wire Capacity: 6-Strand
  • Post Size: 3"
  • Rail Size: 1 5/8"
  • Finish: Black Powder-Coated

* Please note that due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the photo.

Chain Link Fitting Barb Wire Arms
Position 45°
Condition New
Material Type Pressed Steel
Mounting Type Round Post Mount
Finish Powder-Coated
Strand Capacity 6-Strand
Rail Size 1 5/8" [1 5/8" OD]
Color Black
Post Size 3" [2 7/8" OD]