Chain Link 1 5/8" External Acorn Post Cap (Aluminum) Chain Link Acorn Pipe Post Cap

Prevent buildup inside chain link fence posts with this Aluminum Acorn Post Cap. It fits externally on 1 5/8" chain link fence corner posts, end posts, gate posts, or terminal posts. Comprised of high-quality aluminum, this lightweight, durable post cap is corrosion resistant and will protect the post from internal damage.
Part Number: PCA15

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Chain Link 1 5/8" External Acorn Post Cap (Aluminum) Chain Link Acorn Pipe Post Cap

This External Acorn Post Cap has an aluminum construction that is lightweight, durable, and will not rust, even after years of being exposed to the elements. The post cap fits externally on a 1 5/8" chain link fence post or bollard to prevent water or debris from building up inside the post and causing internal damage. Easy to install, the post cap sleeves over the post, no tools necessary. Adding this post cap not only provides added protection and support but also gives the fence a refined, finished look.


• Fits Externally
• Post Size: 1 5/8"
• Material: Aluminum
• Simple To Install, Sleeves Over The Post
• Corrosion Resistant Material Ideal For Outdoor Use
• Protects Fence Posts From Build-Up And Internal Damage

Before and After Installation

Please Note: Due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the picture.

Chain Link Fitting Acorn Post Caps
Condition New
Material Type Aluminum
Post Size 1 5/8" [1 5/8" OD]