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What exactly are Cantilever Gate Rollers? Well to answer that question we will first have to look at what exactly Cantilever gates are. Cantilever gates are suspended over the gate opening so there is no track on the ground. They slide to the right or left depending on how they are built. This makes them extremely good in the snow considering you don't have to run out and clear a path with a snow shovel wasting half of your morning. Cantilever gates are also very prestigious and the staple of most industrial or commercial gated properties. Now if this sounds appealing to exactly what you are looking for and have any questions about what else you may need to make your Cantilever gate give us a call and we will be glad to walk you through exactly what you will need. Contact us at (888) 378-1032.

Now on to the Cantilever Rollers. We offer a variety of them from nylon to steel. The nylon ones we carry are all sealed bearing which mean no greasing is required. Bolts are included with nylon rollers so they arrive ready for installation. The steel is grease fitting which means they require a grease nipple which we include with every steel roller we sell. Our rollers can handle anywhere from 2000 to 3500 pounds in load capacity meaning a large gate to accept those freight shipping is not out of reach. A lot of our rollers even have a limited lifetime warranty but the way our rollers relieve the stress of your gate you probably won't even need to use it.

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Now when it comes to picking out Cantilever Rollers you will have to note that 4 are required. You need 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom which we carry the safety covers for both. Also to note is that you don't have to buy special rollers for the top and special ones for the bottom. All the rollers work on the top or bottom of your gate. The only thing that you need to buy special for that is the safety covers.

So if you want a cantilever gate, want to avoid the hassle of morning snow days, want to get rid of that annoying gate that scratches the ground as you open it, give us a call at (888) 378-1032 and ask our wonderful salespeople about our Cantilever Gates!

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