Black Chain Link Fencing and Fittings

Black Chain Link Fittings

Whether you have seen or heard about black chain link fencing, this type is powder-coated and uses static and heat applied to the metal to give it extreme weatherproof qualities. Sometimes, residential and commercial fence installations use black powder-coated chain link fencing as it fits the area's aesthetic, or they want something more durable than galvanized chain link fences. While galvanized chain link fences will still last a long time, they are slightly less durable than powder-coated black chain link fences. If you plan to go the black chain link fencing route, you'll need fittings to go along with it.

Common Black Chain Link Fencing Fittings

The most common parts of a chain link fence include the tension wire, fence ties, brace bands, and tension bands. All these compatible parts will help you finish a fence in style and offer compatibility with your black chain link fence.

Even if you are not looking for typical chain link fence parts, you can find utility wire, gate corners, loop caps, and barbed wire arms today.

Black Chain Link Fencing Parts You May Need For Your Project

Chain Link Fencing Black Tubing And Pipes

This tubing, created for residential use, is made from black powder-coated steel and is resistant to weather and erosion. It can be used for hoop house frameworks, carports, animal fences, and any other DIY project requiring black chain link posts.

Key Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Powder-Coated
  • Gauge Size: 16
  • Can Be Used For Kennel Pannels, Gate Posts, And More
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Black Pressed Steel Tension Bars

Use these tension bars at each post and weave them through the fabric to help you stretch your chain link fabric evenly. These pressed steel tension bars can be attached to your chain link fence with a tension band, carriage bolt, and nut for fast installation.

Key Features:

  • Use Tension Band For Installation
  • Made With Weather-Resistant Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Secure Connection For The Chain Link Mesh And Post
  • Reduces The Bending Of The Fence Fabric
  • Keeps Chain Link Mesh Even
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Chain Link Fencing Black Hog Rings

Hog rings are a critical part of a chain link fence and connect the chain link mesh to the tension wires. Along with this, they can be used for netting and waterproof covers. You can install them easily with chain link hog ring pliers.

Key Features:

  • Known As Tension Wire Clips
  • Can Use 5 Hog Rings Per 10 Lineal Feet Of Fence
  • Made From Durable Aluminum
  • A Critical Part Of A Chain Link Fence
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Black Chain Link Fencing Parts For Your Fence Installation

If you want to purchase black chain link fittings for an economical price, we offer every part you need at wholesale prices, and the more you buy, the more you save. We have drop fork collars, female hinges, dome post caps, end rail cups, and more. See our selection today:

Black Chain Link Fittings