Can Chain Link Fence Mesh Be Shortened?

Chain Link Mesh Article

If you are getting started building a chain link fence or already own one, you may be unaware that chain link fence mesh can be shortened and cut to a customized size. The mesh of a chain link fence is one of the most essential parts of creating the look of a residential or commercial fence, but if you ever want to shorten the mesh size, it's easy enough to do so with the right tools.

Chain link fencing often comes in rolls of 50 feet but can easily be adjusted to extend or shorten the length. Thinking of chain link as a textile, each line of stitching or “needle” is woven together and “knuckled” at the top and bottom to secure the stitch. A chain link is essentially hundreds of needles woven together. The weave produces the diamonds of the chain link; thus, the process of lengthening or shortening is called “weaving.”

Chain Link Mesh: Removing Chain Link Needles

Each mesh diamond is made up of two needles. To shorten a mesh roll, you'll need to remove the needles. To remove chain link needles:

  1. First, grab a set of fence pliers (preferably heavy-duty round-nose pliers).
  2. Un-knuckle the top and bottom of your chain link fence.
  3. Remove the needle by weaving it out.
  4. Then, re-knuckle the chain link's ends to close the column of diamonds in the mesh.

After doing these steps, if you would like to add chain link fence mesh to your fence, follow these steps:

Adding Chain Link Mesh:

  1. Un-knuckle your fence with your pliers. Do this for both sections.
  2. Connect sections of your fence by lining up your fence materials.
  3. Now, taking a single needle from the mesh, start weaving the two pieces together.
  4. Then, re-knuckle both the top and bottom to complete the installation of your chain link fence.

Tools and Re-Installation

There are a few specialized chain link fence assembly tools. When it comes to lengthening or shortening, the Knuckle Twist Installation Tool can be used for re-knuckling, tensioning, and holding. The Banana Clip is for tensioning, while the Fence Pliers are for re-knuckling. You can find more products below:

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As you can see, it's simple enough to lengthen or shorten your mesh if you are already an intermediate fence installer. However, if this seems complicated, you may prefer to purchase your own customized mesh.

Are you looking for various mesh sizes? We have call-to-order mesh sizes for affordable prices for your chain link project. Our mesh is made from heavy-duty galvanized wire and will last many years. Call (888) 378-1032 to find out more.

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