Can I Use Chain Link Fittings On A Pig Fence?

Chain Link Farm Gate

If you need to keep your pigs safe on your farm, you can use chain link fittings to keep your animals safe. Fittings such as t-post insulators, electric fence insulators, insulators for chain link fence posts, and studded t-post fastening clips can help you achieve complete security for your livestock while avoiding the headaches from the installation process. Fences are essential for securing your pigs and ensuring they are not in danger from predators or get lost.

What Type Of Fence Should I Install For My Pigs?

Many fence varieties exist, including electric and predator-control barriers, but the best solution for your pigs depends on your location. Remember that despite not many people realizing it, pigs can be strong and agile and jump over barriers. Along with this, piglets will require smaller gaps in fencing as they can fit in more significant gaps and escape. Fully grown pigs will need a more heavy-duty fence that can withstand pigs examining it with their snouts. Pigs can lift fencing, including posts, if they are not secure.

Fitting Options For Pig Farms

One of the most essential options for a pig farm is the fittings that will secure the fence. There are multiple fittings you can use to provide a more substantial fence. These include:

Lockjawz 360° Universal T-Post Insulator

The T-Post Insulator is created for standard-sized T-Posts. They can be used on in-line, corner, or end posts. They are made to hold poly rope, poly wire, steel, aluminum, high tensile wire, or barb wire.

Key Features:

  • Color: Orange
  • Made From UV-Stabilized HDPE
  • One Piece Design For Easy Installation Of T-Posts
  • Simple “Weave-In” Installation For Wire
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Standard T-Post Fastening Clips

The T-Post Fastening Clips can fit studded T-posts and are made from heavy-duty galvanized wire to help ensure a fence is fastened or that barbed wire is secured to the post. These fastening clips are not made to work with electric fence wire.

Key Features:

  • Galvanized Finish
  • Easy To Install
  • Can Fit Standard Size Studded T-Posts
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Studded T-Post Fastening Clips For Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Gate Hinges

You may need a reliable latch if you have a gate on the fence surrounding your pig containment area. Various gate hinges include butterfly, fulcrum, drop fork, and rolling gate latches. These latches are made from steel and are weather-resistant.

4" Strong Arm Gate Latch for Walk Gates

4 Strong Arm Gate Latch for Walk Gates

1 3/8" x 2 1/2" Chain Link Fence Butterfly Gate Latch

1 3/8 x 2 1/2 Chain Link Fence Butterfly Gate Latch

Chain Link 3" Chain Link Wall Mount Drop Fork Latch

Chain Link 3

Chain Link Fittings For Pig Fences

If you need help reinforcing your pig fence, chain link fittings can help you secure a pig fence to your property and ensure your animals stay safe. The proper fittings can help you create a sturdy barrier around your property and keep animals in the right area. If you need help finding the correct fittings, contact a sales representative today.

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