Chain Link Fence for Animals

chain link fence for animals

Chain link is the solution to protecting and containing your animal, whether you have dogs, cats, goats, sheep, pigs, or chickens. While a bit more expensive option, chain link fencing is incredibly durable, easy to assemble, and effective when protecting your animals from escaping or being invaded. With small enough grids and stiff material, even smaller animals are unlikely to escape in any way.

Chain Link for Dogs

Dogs are among the most common house pets, but did you know that 14% of dog owners lose their dog at least once within five years? Of those 14%, 6% are never found and another 1% are found dead. Chain link can help decrease these statistics.

Chain link is one of the few types of fencing that can be buried, preventing dogs from being able to dig under and escape. The Chain Link Fence Post Gap Filler Kit Puppy Saver can also fill the gap between the latch posts. This gap would otherwise be large enough for animals to squeeze in and out of.

Puppy Saver

Benefits of Chain Link for Hobby Farms

Installation: While professionals are available to aid in the installation, chain link to a very quick installation and does not require expensive specialized tools.

Maintenance: Chain link is made of galvanized steel, which is corrosion-resistant and will rarely need repair, which again will not require specialized equipment.

Versatility: Chain link can be configured in many ways, whether you need a small chicken pen or a larger area for your dog.

Durability: Galvanized steel is incredibly durable; it can withstand the force of animals and weather through time.

Climbing Difficulty: While some animals are known to jump or climb things, chain link makes climbing difficult, and depending on height your animals should not be able to get over the fencing. Fences 4ft-6ft are best for animals.

Safety: Chain link is much safer than other types of fencing because it will not catch animals. The small grid would also likely prevent animals from hurting themselves. You and your animal will be able to see each other.