Chain Link Fence Mesh Fabric Conversion Chart

Chain Link Fence Fabric Mesh

When creating your chain link mesh, having all the correct measurements is essential. If you purchase chain link fabric mesh, specifically if you are not using imperial sizes, you should know the exact metric measurements of the chain link mesh fabric. Remember, your chain link fence mesh is woven into a zig-zag pattern. Usually, most chain link meshes are diamond-shaped.

What Is The History Of Chain Link Mesh?

It is said that Charles Barnard created the first chain link fence in the 1840s. He patented the first wire-netting machine. If you want to learn more about the history of chain link fences, read “The History of The Chain Link Fence.” Chain link mesh has gone through various iterations and is now safer than ever.

Chain Link Mesh Gauge Types

When picking a chain link mesh, the smaller the number of gauges, the more durable the chain link mesh is. Most contractors recommend an 11, 11-1/2-, or 9-gauge mesh when choosing a residential chain link fence. On the other hand, commercial fences usually need 6- or 9-gauge mesh. However, this is all up to the person installing it. Some of this mesh is PVC coated to offer a more durable finish.

Chain Link Mesh Measurements

These are all the most popular mesh sizes in imperial and metric measurements:

Imperial Sizes Metric Sizes
1/4" 6.35
3/8" 9.53
1/2" 12.70
5/8" 15.88
3/4" 19.05
1" 25.40
1 1/4" 31.75
1 1/2" 38.10
1 3/4" 44.45
2" 50.80
2 1/4" 57.15
2 1/2" 63.50

Chain Link Mesh Fence Sizes:

If you are looking for the right mesh for your chain link mesh, we have everything you need to install a chain link fence professionally or using the DIY method. All you need to do is contact us today so we can match your mesh with whatever other fence parts you need, including brace bands, posts, tension wire, and anything else.

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