Chain Link Fence Tools

When building a chain link fence, it is important that you have all the proper materials. Having all the appropriate items needed for the job not only sets you up for a seamless installation process but also prevents mistakes from being made that could weaken your fence’s longevity. It is best practice to have all your items on the job site and ready to be used when starting the project so you do not have to constantly leave and come back to your work.

The necessary materials required for properly installing your chain link fence include the basics like chain link fence fabric, fence posts, tension bands, tension wire, as well as the proper nuts and bolts. However, many DIY installers often forget items that are also key to the success of your fence installation, which are the installation tools.

There are many different types of chain link fence tools. Each one is designed to assist with installing a certain component of your chain link fence. These tools not only make the work a little easier compared to having to do them all by hand but also help to make sure all parts are correctly installed. Below, we have shared some of the most popular chain link fence tools and what they are meant to be used for during the installation process.


While installing your chain link fence, there will be many situations where heavy-duty and high-quality pliers will be needed. Pliers are great for when wire needs to be tied, bent, or cut during the installation process. We offer a couple of different styles of pliers, like the Round Nose Utica Fence pliers and Hog Ring Pliers. Both styles of pliers are built to make installing and maintaining your chain link fence a simple experience.

Fabric Stretcher

Sagging or loose chain link fabric poses a serious safety and security risk. Properly tightened mesh is the barrier that protects your property and loved ones. If not correctly installed, unwanted people and wildlife could easily make their way through the mesh and onto your property. The loose or sagging mesh could allow for small children or pets to get out of your yard when unsupervised. Prevent unnecessary problems installing your chain link mesh with one of our easy-to-use fence stretchers. Offered in a variety of different styles to fit your exact installation needs.

Setting & Hanging Tools

If installing your chain link fence by yourself or with a limited number of helpers, it can be difficult to get accessories and other important components of the fence to stay in the right areas while installing. Sometimes, you need an extra pair of hands, and that is why we offer tools like the Metal Apple Jack and Top Rail Fabric Hanging Tool that assist you in holding certain parts of the fence in place while installing to make things go a little easier.

Wire Tighteners

While some wires can be tightened with pliers, other sections of the fence or certain installations may require a bit more effort. We offer a few different styles of tightening tools that help make installing tension or barbed wire a simple process.

Post Driver

Driving fence posts into the ground can be back-breaking work and also has the potential to damage your posts. Make placing them in their needed spots an easy and efficient process by using post drivers. They are simple tools that fit snuggly into the post so that they sit on top and prevent the sledgehammer from damaging the post during the installation process.

Gate Clip Crimper

Gate Clip Crimpers are designed to make placing gate clips on your chain link fence an easy process. Gate clips are used when attaching chain link mesh to a gate frame and can be difficult to close. With the crimper, you can effectively close multiple gate clips in no time at all without straining your hands.

Barbed Wire Carrier

For those who are looking to add a little extra security to their chain link fence, the addition of barbed wire is an easy and cost-effective way to do so, but it can be hard to install. Our barbed wire carrying tools help you move the roll of barbed wire from location to location without hurting yourself or causing damage to the roll.