Chain Link Fencing for Correctional Facilities

Chain Link Prison Fence

Correctional facilities, including detention centers, county jails, juvenile corrections, and prisons, all require the highest security measures. There is an obvious and significant need for effective high-security measures at correctional facilities to prevent escapes and the entry of contraband. The property size and number of people at these facilities warrant large fencing that surrounds the facility and discourages unauthorized exit or entry. A popular choice for correctional facility fencing is chain link.

Why do Correctional Facilities Use Chain Link Fencing

Maybe you have seen a prison or jail on television or in person. There are several tall walls of chain link fencing. The amount of chain link fabric and structural materials needed to secure a correctional facility is extensive. There are four main reasons correctional facilities use chain link fabric:

  1. Minimizing Threat: Chain link fencing is made of strong and durable steel and is offered in various mesh sizes. A smaller mesh size is commonly used at prisons or jails because it is harder to climb and pass things through.
  2. Visibility: Chain link fencing is used at detention centers because it is essentially transparent. The visibility chain link fencing offers is important for security officers' and prisoners' sanity.
  3. Cost: Chain link fencing is used because it is inexpensive compared to other fencing materials.
  4. Customizable Security Features: Chain link fencing is easily customizable for additional security measures, including barbed or razor wire. Adding a gate opener and required safety features will also allow security officers to easily manage the entry and exit of prisoners and materials.

Correctional Facility Chain Link Fence Materials

In addition to the traditional materials needed to assemble and install a chain link fence, correctional facilities require barbed or razor wire and stronger fittings. Beveled or heavy brace bands and tension bands are designed for high-security use and will ensure the fence system is extra durable, minimizing interior and exterior threats. Adding barbed and razor wire will deter escapes and can be secured to the fence with specially designed post cap arms. Find high-security fittings below.

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