Chain Link Selvage Types

There are two selvage types of chain link fencing. Chain link selvage can be knuckled or twisted at both or either ends of the fence. Selvage type depends on the application, fence height, and mesh size. Application is perhaps the most important factor as it pertains to safety and security.

Knuckled Selvage

In knuckled selvage, the excess wire is folded over itself to create a rounded loop. The loop is required to “close” to a measurement less than the diameter of the wire used.

Chain link fabric with meshes less than 2 inches must be knuckled. Fabric with 2 or 2-1/8 inch meshes, that is 60 inches or less in height, shall be knuckled at both ends.

Knuckled selvage is designed for residential applications because it is safer as it lacks points that can catch clothes, people, and animals.

Knuckled Selvage

Twist Selvage

Twisted selvage, also known as barbed selvage, is twisted 1-1/2 turns, equivalent to 3 full twists, to secure the fabric and create a barb. The wire points must be at least 1/4 inch long.

Chain link fabric of 72 inches or more in height must be knuckled at the bottom selvage and twisted at the top selvage. The exception is for commercial and high-security applications, where both selvages are twisted.

This selvage type is used for commercial and high-security applications because the sharp points deter people and animals.

Chain Link Fittings offers a diverse selection of chain link tools that will help you install, repair, and update your chain link fencing. Related to selvages, Chain Link Fittings has knuckling and twisting tools for opening and closing selvages when adjusting the fence length, as well as pliers, grippers, and more.

Twisted Selvage

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