Commercial Chain Link Fence Ties

Fence ties are an essential component of your chain link fence. Fence ties secure the chain link fabric to the fence's framework, including vertical posts and horizontal rails. Chain Link Fittings offers EZ Twist or Hooked fence ties, available as aluminum or steel, for chain link and black chain link, in 9 or 11 gauge, and in many lengths. While aluminum ties are used for most fence projects, steel ties are considered heavy-duty and are used for commercial and industrial chain link fencing.

Note that fence tie length depends on post size; 9 gauge is used for industrial fencing, 11 gauge is used for commercial fencing, and ties should be used every 12" to 18". Chain Link Fittings has categorized our fence ties to make finding the right ones convenient.

EZ Twist Fence Ties

These easy-to-use fence ties are made of galvanized steel, are pre-shaped to fit around posts, and meet government-issued specifications. Ideal for commercial, industrial, and military-grade fencing projects, these fence ties are available with or without the black vinyl coating and are sure to solidify a sturdy and temper-proof fence.

The EZ Twist Tie Drill Chuck Tool will make installing these ties even easier. While you can physically twist these ties after having placed them around a post or rail, using the EZ Twist Tie Drill Chuck Tool will allow you to use a drill to twist the ends maximally quickly. Easy to install but difficult to remove, EZ Twist ties provide the security needed from fabric to frame.

Hooked Fence Ties

Hooked ties are used similarly, are aluminum or steel, some black vinyl coated, and are available in various lengths for various post sizes. These are rust-resistant, lightweight, easy to bend and install, and are used more commercially.

To install, insert the fence tie through the fabric, loop around the post or rail, and twist around the hooked end to close. While easy to install and reliably strong, these are easier to remove than EZ Twist ties but provide the same functionality.

To explore all the fence ties Chain Link Fittings offers, find chain link fence ties and black chain link fence ties below.