Concrete Mount Posts For Chain Link Fence

The foundation of your fencing system starts with mounting your posts. While posts are often placed directly into the soil or concrete, the more stable solution is to utilize a floor flange. Mounting the floor flange to any solid surface and then installing and securing the post to the flange. However, a more straightforward solution combines the flange and the post.

Mounting Posts

Chain Link Fittings offers a variety of chain link support posts that will provide the foundation your fence will need to withstand the elements and other impacts. Chain Link Fence Heavy Duty Mounting Posts feature a welded-on square floor flange, are constructed from rust-proof galvanized steel, and are used to mount fencing to various solid surfaces. These round mounting posts range in height from 3' to 6' to cater to your application needs.

The Chain Link Fence Heavy Duty Surface Mounting Posts are offered as a single unit, and do not include the anchor bolts required to secure the floor flange to a solid surface. These galvanized steel mounting posts require weld-on parts to complete your fencing system.

These mounting posts are commonly used to secure a post to concrete or asphalt but can be used on any solid surface where the post height is applicable. The main feature or benefit of these mounting posts is the elimination of the floor flange needed as an intermediate part to secure your post to a solid surface properly. However, you will need to purchase anchor bolts and possibly cement if you choose to mount the post that way. These mount posts, anchor bolts, and cement options are linked below.