Cyclone Fence Gate Parts Guide

Cyclone Fence Gate

Gates are an essential and functional part of any fence system. Gates are passage points for entry or exiting of fenced areas. Cyclone fencing, also called chain link fencing, will often require a gate for access control, and assembly is easy if you have everything you need and know its purpose. Cyclone fence gates are essentially a swinging section of the fence itself, meaning they are also made of chain link mesh, a steel frame, and other function fittings.

Gate Parts for Cyclone Fencing

Cyclone Gate Tubing & Elbows

Tubing and gate elbows are used to assemble the gate frame. The tubing makes up each side of the gate frame, and the gate elbows, also called gate corners, fit over the tubing to complete the rectangular frame. To secure the closure, we recommend using carriage bolts and screws as needed, depending on the gate elbow's design.

Cyclone Gate Tension Bands

Tension bands are placed around the gate frames' sides to secure the chain link mesh. These are easily installed, stretching around the frame, sandwiching the mesh fabric, and secured with carriage bolts.

Cyclone Gate Hinges

There are various types of hinges for cyclone gates; common options are female and male gate hinges, box hinges, bulldog hinges, and gate closers. While most hinges have a 90-degree range, they can be adapted for a 180-degree opening range. These are also typically secured with carriage bolts.

Cyclone Gate Latches

There are various gate latches and closers, from the traditional drop fork assemblies with collars to butterfly latches, strong arm latches, and preassembled drop fork latches. Latch installation varies by design but requires carriage bolts for a secure connection.

Additional Cyclone Gate Parts

Some of these additional gate parts may be required or recommended for specific gate designs; these are generally optional, depending on your preference.

Cyclone Gate Post Caps

Post caps cover the top of open gate frame tubing. Post caps on gates are not always required but are important to protecting your gate frame from internal damage. These also add a decorative element to any gate or fence.

Cyclone Gate Rails

Rails are also not necessarily required for gates, though the gate frame's top and bottom horizontal parts may be referred to as rails. If you have a taller gate, an additional rail may be placed across the middle of the gate for additional mesh support. These are also made of tubing and are attched to the gate frame with rail clamps.

Cyclone Gate Wheels

Wheels can be added to gates for smooth movement and additional support for longer gates.

Cyclone Gate Scrolls

Gate scrolls are placed on the top rail frame as a decorative element. Use these gate toppers to add style to your gate.

Cyclone Gate Hold Backs

Gate hold backs hold a swing gate open. Like a door stopper, these fittings are attached to the fence and will catch the gate to hold it open.

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