Do I Really Need A Post Pounder?

Post Driver Being Used In Construction

Most of the time, if you create a chain link fence for a residential project, you may rely on a sledgehammer to place posts in the ground. However, if you are considering completing multiple fencing projects, a sledgehammer will only slow you down and cause other issues. When this is the case, a post-pounder is the better solution. When creating a chain link fence, gas-powered post-pounders offer more accuracy and fewer problems.

Benefits Of Using A Post Pounder:

No Damage To Pipes

First, one of the practical benefits of a post-pounder is that it will not mushroom the top of the pipe. When a pipe mushrooms, it is damaged from pressure being applied to it. It is usually a problem associated with sledgehammers and affixing donuts to a post. Unlike sledgehammers, gas-powered post-pounders have a steel barrel that protects your post from damage.

Less Physical Work

If you are a contractor with workers using sledgehammers to place your posts, your workers will become exhausted. When exhaustion sets in, it is easier for workers to cause accidents that lead to injury. Stop this from happening by using gas-powered post-pounders. These post-pounders make it much faster to get a post in place, and since they are heavier, fewer strikes are necessary to set your post in place.

Along with less physical force, workers will also benefit from less strain when creating fencing. Post-pounders use two hands, so unlike sledgehammers, they will not allow workers to place their shoulders in strange angles.

More Efficient Placing Of Post

You and others will feel safer using a post-pounder, and work will go faster. Since a sledgehammer only relies on human force, placing posts in place will only happen as quickly as the person can swing. Gas-powered post drivers make setting up posts for a fence much quicker.

Can Post Pounders Be Used For T-Posts?

Gas-powered drivers can be used for t-posts. One efficient driver, the PGD2000X, can fit material in its barrel up to 1 7/8” in diameter. Farmers and others with large properties will benefit from this powerful machine with a handy 1” adaptor sleeve. This is a commercial-grade driver with a Honda GX35 engine with 1.3 horsepower. So, if you need a post-pounder to place your T-posts in the ground fast, this is an ideal machine.

Post Pounders Versus A Sledgehammer

While the sledgehammer has been a reliable tool for placing posts in the ground, new technology makes it far more effective to use a gas-powered post pounder. A quality post-pounder lasts many years and can be used for posts, pipes, rods, and stakes.

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