Gate Hinges And Hinge Parts For Chain Link Fences

There are various types of gate hinges, including box hinges, bulldog hinges, and offset hinges. Chain Link Fittings offers gate hinges in a variety of post and gate frame size combinations. Gate hinges and arm hinges are heavily used components of chain link fencing systems. Gate hinges are used in many applications for 90degree gates, commonly for swing gates that will rest open. Gate arm hinges are used similarly but are applied when a 180 degree opening and resting is required. But let's break down the types of hinge parts and gate arm hinges.

Gate Hinges

Box Hinges

Sometimes referred to as butt hinges, these have a range of 90 degrees, though they can be adapted, are made of steel, and are easy to install. Best for commercial and industrial applications, these gate hinges feature a strong connection between the post and gate using a thick steel band to connect it to the post. These are available in a variety of gate and post size combinations.

Bulldog Hinges

Also called butt hinges, these are made of strong steel, are easy to install, and are compatible with automated gates. These swing 90 degrees but can be modified and are available in various gate and post size combinations. These differ from box hinges on the post side, as they do not have a flat plate surrounding the post but rather a thick wire.

Offset Hinges

Offset hinges are made of steel and are easy to install. These fit on a post and gate frame that are two different sizes and allow the hinge to double its range to 180 degrees in either direction. These are compatible with automated gates, and two are required per gate.

Hinge Bearing Plugs

Hinge bearing plugs cap the nose piece on an industrial box hinge. These are made of steel, are easy to install, and are a reliable component of your gate.

180 Degree Offset Adapters

Use this adapter for industrial gates to expand the range of the gate hinge. You can double your range by adding this to a regular 90-degree gate hinge. Adapters are made of galvanized steel, include U-Bolts, and are easy to install.

Adjustable 180 Degree Gate Arm Hinges

Adjustable 180 degree gate arm hinges are similar to a regular gate hinge but have a standard range of 180 degrees without modification. These are used when you want your gate to open fully and stay flush with the fence. These are made of steel, and most are offset and bulldog-style hinges.