Heavy-Duty Gate Hinges

When setting up an industrial or even residential gate for a chain link fence, you'll need a hinge that can withstand the outdoors and last many years without giving in to corrosion. That is why a butt hinge made from durable steel could be a better option.

What Is A Heavy-Duty Butt Hinge?

Butt hinges are some of the most common hinges in the fencing industry. These hinges fit around the terminating post of a fence and gate frame. The end that goes around the frame is used to support the weight of the gate. They are sometimes referred to as box hinges. The best feature of these hinges is how they provide 90-degree swivel rotation in the right or left direction. Most butt hinges are made in either pressed or malleable steel.

What Is The Difference Between Malleable Steel and Pressed Steel?

As you may know, malleability refers to how much something can be bent or shaped without breaking it. This means that a malleable object is more flexible regarding how it can be transformed. Steel is a very malleable metal used for all kinds of interesting shapes. Therefore, the main difference between pressed steel and malleable steel is how it can be manipulated. Malleable steel also goes through a galvanization that places a protective zinc oxide coating over the butt hinge, protecting the steel components under the zinc layer. Therefore, if you want a more long-lasting steel hinge solution, malleable steel is the better choice. However, pressed and malleable steel will last longer and work for outdoor fence installations.

What If Your Hinge Needs To Swing More Than 180 Degrees?

If the 90 degrees offered by a standard butt hinge are not enough for your gate installation, a 180-degree offset adapter expands the swiveling range of your gate hinge and is easy to install. This adaptor is created to fit a post size of 2" [1 7/8" OD]. Since this adaptor is made from malleable steel, it is resistant to outdoor corrosion and will help your gate swivel for many years.

Some Examples Of Butt Hinges (Also Known As Bulldog Hinges)

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