How Can I Install A Strong Chain Link Fence Without Spending Money On Concrete?

No-Dig Installation Method

A new innovative method known as the no-dig fencing method is used to install a chain link fence without using concrete. Instead of concrete, you will use no-dig donuts around your posts and pound them into the ground with a post- or -gas powered pounder. Some people prefer this method if they have landscaping they do not wish to ruin or are trying to install a fence that may be removed in a few years. The no-dig method is almost as durable as concrete installation and is much easier.

How To Do The No-Dig Chain Link Fencing Method

Calling 811 To Ensure Safety Of Utility Lines

Before digging in your backyard, you must call 811 or the equivalent number in your state to ensure no buried utilities are underground. Once you figure out the location of these, mark them with paint or flags so you do not accidentally dig into them and cause an expensive digging accident. Always call this number before starting any extensive digging project. After this step, it is time to start creating your fence.

Marking Where Your Fence Will Go

After you finish the first step, you can start marking where your fence will go. Many people use string or chalk to mark these locations. Your posts must be in an even link so your chain link fence does not appear as if it is slanting.

Add The No-Dig Donuts For Your Chain Link Fence

If you use a no-dig donut for each post of this project, you will place two donuts on the posts. Remember that the inner ring cogs face up while the outer ring cogs face down on the posts. Place these on posts before pounding them into the ground to avoid "mushrooming." One donut should go near the top of the post, while the other donut should go near the bottom. Remember that each donut type will have specific installation instructions, and you may need to consult the instructions with your donut to ensure correct installation.

Using A Post Pounder To Place Your Chain Link Posts In The Ground

The best way to create a no-dig chain link fence is by using a post-pounder. Gas-powered post-pounders can be used to place posts in the ground quickly. If making a residential fence, consider investing in a Titan Post Driver PGD3875 post-pounder. That economical, powerful residential post-pounder will help you set up your fence. Once your posts are in place, make sure they are secured.

Add The Other Parts Of Your Chain Link Fence

Once you install the posts, you can roll out the chain link fabric and use hog pliers to attach the fabric to the top rail. Once you install the chain link fence's essential elements, you can add decorative touches such as post caps.

Using The No-Dig Method For Your Chain-Link Fence

The no-dig chain link installation method offers a simplified, less labor-intensive method of installing a chain link fence without requiring extensive digging. Following the manufacturer's instructions for the specific no-dig fence products you're using is crucial, as details may vary. Consider your area's environmental conditions and soil stability to ensure a durable and stable fence installation. Once you have figured these all out, you can begin the installation of your ideal chain link fence.

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