How Do I Mount A Chain Link Fence To The Ground?

If you want to mount your chain link fence to wood or concrete, it is easy enough with a floor flange. Mounting a chain link fence to the ground is so much faster with this fitting. A floor flange can come in either a square or circular shape, with the option to have the post bolted or welded onto the flange. These flanges are created to place your chain link fence directly on the floor without digging. If you are interested in learning more about these flanges, find more info below:

Weldable Surface Mount Floor Flanges

When mounting a chain link fence to the ground, a surface mount floor flange is created to be mounted to a hard surface made from concrete or wood with long-lasting performance thanks to the galvanized finish. These floor flanges are easy to install, and once a post is welded to the flange, you are good to go.

Surface Mount Floor Flange With Two Set Screws

If you are looking for a bolt-on option to mount your post to the flange without welding, these flanges are the right choice. They are used for round posts and are created from malleable steel. If you are unfamiliar with malleable steel, it can be molded or changed more quickly than its galvanized counterpart. Since malleability is similar to flexibility, this type of material is solid since it can endure some changes in shape.

Chain Link Black Floor Flange Malleable

If you are looking for a surface mount flange with a round post that can be bolted on but would like it to be powder-coated black, this flange is ideal for your situation. It is still made from durable, malleable steel and has four bolt holes. Use it if you have a chain link fence that is powder-coated black and would like your flanges to match your chain link fence.

Pressed Steel Surface Mount Circular Floor Flange

If you are looking for a floor flange that is not square at all, you need this type of circular floor flange that is bolted onto your post and is installed easily by cutting the post to the correct size and pushing the post into the inlet and fastening with the set screws. You will then anchor the flange with anchor bolts. Self-tapping screws that are required for installation are sold separately.

Mounting A Chain Link Fence Onto The Ground

When it comes to chain link fence installation, if you are looking for a concrete or wood installation solution, you will need a durable floor flange. These flanges get the job done and are not prone to rust or erosion for many years. Whether you are looking for a bolt-on or weld-on option, many floor flanges are available to make your chain link installation much more straightforward.

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