How Tall Should My Fence Be?

The height of chain link fencing is not standardized; factors like the purpose and location of the fence may cause the fence's height to be regulated. Zoning ordinances and homeowners' associations may set height limits for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing. So, it is important to check with local government and building departments before installation and assembly.

Common Chain Link Fence Heights By Application

Residential Chain Link Fence Height

The average chain link fence height in residential settings is four feet. The main purpose of fencing in residential areas and neighborhoods is to prevent children or pets from leaving the yard and, or to prevent animals and discourage people from entering your yard. Another purpose is to enclose a pool or body of water to protect people and animals from wandering in, in which case the average height can be around six feet. In residential settings, homeowners' associations tend to set limits on the height of fencing. The average height is 4', though, for pools or more privacy, the limit may be extended up to 6'.

Residential Chain Link Fence

Commercial & Industrial Chain Link Fence Height

The average height of chain link fencing for commercial and industrial applications is ten feet. This height of chain link fencing would be considered standard for public parks, sports complexes, public pools, as well as factories and businesses. Taller fencing indicates enhanced security and makes a profound statement for people to keep out.

Commerical & Industrial Chain Link Fence

High-Security Chain Link Fence Height

High-security chain links, which you may often see at correctional facilities, tend to be much taller, with smaller mesh and barbed or razor wire to deter people from climbing the fence. This application is where twenty-foot chain link fencing may be used, but remember that a taller fence will require stronger posts, rails, and fittings to support the weight of the mesh fabric.

High-Security Chain Link Fence

No matter the application or height requirement/limitations, chain link fencing is a great option. A popular choice, chain link fencing provides security and visibility while being reliable, easy to install, and inexpensive. Chain link fencing is available at various heights, often 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 10', 12', up to 20' with the occasional 6" increments, to accommodate any application. We offer chain link fittings of various strengths to assemble your chain link fencing for any setting.

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