How To Add Extra Security to Your Chain Link Fence

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While a safe and secure space is a luxury for most properties, it is a requirement for others. Some locations that demand top-level security include Federal buildings, military bases, foreign embassies, jails, and prisons. These high-security facilities want to ensure that no one is capable of getting in or out without going through the proper channels. To ensure the best protection of their facility, many of these locations install large chain link fences throughout their entire campus as checkpoints to prevent people from freely coming and going without proper authorization.

When envisioning a chain link fence, most people might not believe it is the most secure option to protect your property. However, there are many different ways you can install your chain link fence to increase the security of your fence and make sure it is built to keep unwanted people out.

Increase The Height

An easy way to add extra security to your chain link fence is to increase the height. Standard chain link fences for homes are between 4 and 5 feet tall. These heights are great for keeping children and pets safely within your yard but do not deter intruders from climbing over.

For properties that are looking to keep people out, it is recommended that your fence be at least 6 feet tall, but many high-security facilities like prisons and military bases require they be at least 8 to 10 feet tall.

Choose A Thicker Gauge

Choosing the proper gauge of chain link mesh wire to use is also a key security measure to consider. Typical residential and commercial chain link fences are created with 9-gauge wire. This thickness of wire is easy to install and creates a reliable barrier. However, for places looking for extra security, it is recommended that a 6-gauge wire be used. The thicker gauge makes it harder for people to cut through the wire or for it to be manipulated with pressure.

Smaller Mesh Size

Chain link fence mesh comes in a variety of different sizes. The smaller the mesh is, the harder it is for things to get through, like small animals or materials. The smaller mesh also prevents people the ability to achieve the proper footing to have the chance to climb the fence.

Bury The Bottom

If people are not able to climb over the fence, it is likely they will try to dig under it. To prevent this from happening, your fence should extend underground. Though you cannot see if a lot of fences used for securing facilities have full fences buried directly underneath the visible fence. High-level security buildings often have their chain link fence mesh buried at least 12” or more underground. Burying the mesh underground not only makes it difficult for people to dig underneath the fence but also eliminates the chances of the fence mesh being forced up.

Add Barbed Wire

When thinking of adding extra security to a fence, barbed wire is usually the first feature people imagine. Even when added to standard-sized chain link fences, barbed wire is an ideal way to keep people and wildlife from getting into your space. Barbed wire is easy to install and is a cost-effective way to add security to even your residential or commercial properties.

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