How to Connect Chain Link Fence Sections

Does your chain link fabric just not quite stretch far enough? Connecting chain link fence sections, effectively lengthening the chain link mesh, can be done by weaving the sections together. Whether you want to combine two whole rolls of chain link fabric or add a few more feet, you will be lengthening the fabric by weaving. Each spiral of the chain link mesh is called a needle. The needles are woven together by simply twisting the needle. To lengthen chain link mesh, you will need two sections of chain link fabric, a pair of pliers, and a knuckling tool. Lay out and align your chain link fabric sections on a flat surface and follow the instructions below.

Lengthening Chain Link Fence Fabric

  • Un-knuckle the top and bottom knuckles of one of the chain link fabric sections using pliers. The knuckle is the folded or twisted ends of the chain link mesh.
  • Carefully weave a single needle out of one of the fabric sections. You can easily do so by twisting the needle rather than pulling.
  • Line up the two sections you want to connect.
  • Reweave the needle, carefully catching both chain link fence sections. Again, twisting the needle will make weaving easier.
  • Re-knuckle the top and bottom knuckles using pliers or a knuckling tool. If you are creating barbed knuckles, consider a rill chuck tool.

Depending on how much fabric you have added, you must extend your chain link fence section's top, middle, and bottom rails. You can do so by connecting two rail sections with rail sleeves. Then, with the sections combined, you can secure the fabric to the fence posts using fence ties, or brace bands, tension bands, and tension bars. Make the process easier with fabric stretching tools.

Connecting Chain Link Fabric Sections

Chain Link Fabric Lengthening Tools

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