How To Dispose Of Chain Link Fence Material?

chain link fence mesh

Looking to replace your chain link fence with something new but wondering how to dispose of the old material? Like installations, each fence disposal is unique. Before you take your fencing material straight to the landfill, there might be some other cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for your retired chain link fence. Below, we have shared multiple options on how to properly get rid of your fence material to help you through your own removal process.

Before you look for where to dispose of your chain link fence, it is important to know how to properly disassemble the fence. No matter how you decide to part with your fence, you will need to fully remove the mesh from the posts as well as remove all other parts like latches, hinges, and other clamps. Once everything has been separated and collected into manageable sections, you are then ready to find where the items can be taken to.


If in good condition, it is a thoughtful and often forgotten option to donate your fence. It might seem odd to donate your old chain link fence, but there are a handful of non-profits and facilities that are in need of affordable chain link fences. Facilities like animal shelters and wildlife rescues are often in need of fenced-in areas as well as outdoor cages for the animals they take in. These places often do not have the budget to install their own chain link fence and require the generosity of others to help them.

Likewise, non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity and other housing groups often look for donated materials to assist them in their home building. Or even repurpose a community space like a community garden or dog park.


Yes, you can recycle your old chain link fence. Commonly, chain link fence material is made from steel that has been galvanized in some way, whether that be hot-dipped or cold. If the fence is not in poor condition, this material may be accepted by your local recycling center. However, check with your local recycling facility to ensure that they are accepting this type of material.

If you are not able to go the traditional recycling route, there is another way to get rid of your old chain link fence in an environmentally safe way that might even help you turn a profit. Due to the material being made of steel, some scrap metal yards will accept the material. As with the recycling center, it is always important to check with the company before bringing the materials to ensure that they are able and accepting those types of items.

Throw Away

If your chain link fence is in poor condition or if all other avenues of disposal are not accessible, there is always the option to throw your fence away. Depending on the area you live in might determine how the items should be removed. In some cities, it is ok to place the rolls of material with your regular garbage cans, while other city codes require you to take the material directly to the landfill. Always check with your local city to know what the proper procedure is.