How to Mount Chain Link Fence to Concrete

Heavy Duty Chain Link Support Post

If you are searching for a way to place a chain link fence in a warehouse or other concrete structure, you can do it in many ways. Floor flanges are created to mount chain links onto either concrete or wood. But if you want the ultimate two-in-one solution, a support post can help you easily create a chain link setup that already has the floor flange built in. If you are looking for how to use support posts to set up your chain link fence, find all the tips you need in this article.

Using Support Post For Mounting A Chain Link Fence To Concrete

To use a support post for your chain link fence, follow instructions as if you were mounting a floor flange. Just secure your base plate to concrete with anchor bolts. The nice thing about this support post is that it can also be mounted to wood. So, if you have a wood deck, this is a great option for creating a fence.

What Sizes Are Available For Support Metal Post?

These support metal posts are available in four lengths: 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”. The post size for all these is 2” [1 7/8” OD]. They are made from durable galvanized steel. Best of all, they are easy to clean and weldable for any hinge or latch type you want to install. You can use ½” diameter anchor bolts for installation, but you will need to purchase these separately.

What Can You Use Other Than A Support Post?

If you are not interested in using a support post or have an existing post that only needs a floor flange, there are bolt-on and weld-on options for your current setup. Choose from round or square flanges to suit your fencing choices. These floor flanges have malleable and pressed steel options and offer more choices for post sizes. These are the most straightforward solution if you already have chosen posts and need a fast way to mount them directly to wood or concrete.

Floor Flanges And Support Posts

When mounting a post to concrete, it’s essential to use the right fittings to get the job done right the first time. With either support posts or floor flanges, you can create an effortless fence installation that will last you many years. Find out more below: