How to Stop a Dog From Getting Under Chain Link Fence

puppy post gap filler chain link fence

When it comes to your pet companion, you want to ensure they have the best of everything and are safe from possible danger. With that in mind, you may set up a chain link fence to protect them when playing outside. However, even with a chain link fence, if you do not install your fence in a way that prevents a small gap from forming at the bottom, you could risk your pet escaping – especially if you have a smaller dog. To keep your fur friend safe from this danger, you can utilize tension wire, a bottom rail, and puppy savers to stop your pet from leaving.

How Does a Bottom Rail Stop Pups From Escaping?

Replacing tension wire with a bottom rail is one way to stop pets from escaping. The bottom rail helps make it much harder to dig out of a chain link area. You can use any standard chain link fence tubing to create this bottom rail, and you’ll need some other additional tools and fittings to help you, including:

To Install The Bottom Rail of a Chain Link Fence

First, you must remove the hog ties and tension wire from the bottom of your fence. After this, you will then keep the brace bands on your fence and add rail ends to the brace bands. Once this is completed, you will place the line rail clamp on the middle post without securing the carriage bolts yet. Put your metal tube on the ground and see where to cut it to fit the line rail clamp. Usually, this is behind the carriage bolt on the line rail clamp. After this, tighten the bolts on the rail ends and line rail clamps to install your metal tube. Once you have set your metal tubes and determined they are even, you will use easy twist ties and the easy twist tie drill chuck to secure your metal tube to the fence.

Most of the time, you will want the twist ties to be spaced every 9th place on the mesh. Then, knock your twist ties in place on the chain link fence. Remember, when doing this, to place your bottom rail as low to the ground as possible. That way, your dog or cat will have less chance of crawling out.

This is a great solution to pet-proof your fence and is easy!

Using Tension Wire To Keep Your Dog Inside The Fence

Another way to keep your dogs inside is by utilizing tension wire. Tension wire is attached to a fence by hog rings and is created to stop animals from digging under the fence. Tension wire will also help keep your fence mesh tight so it does not falter if a dog attempts to jump over the fence. Another benefit of tension wire is that it helps stop your fence from being damaged by tree branches breaking off and hitting it during a storm.

Tension wire is usually attached to a terminal post by brace bands. The tension wire is attached to the nut and bolt on a brace band. A tool to help install tension wire includes a heavy-duty and barb wire tightener tool. This tool works by placing the tension wire through the smaller hole on the tube and then twisting the wire around the tool towards the terminating post. After this, turn the tool away from the post to unroll the leftover wire. You can snip off the remainder. Tension wire is a quick and cost-effective solution to stop your pup from leaving your fenced area.

Opting For a Fence Puppy Saver To Secure a Chain Link Gate

Another great fitting to stop puppies from leaving a chain link fence is a post gap filler kit, otherwise known as a , fence puppy saver. It can mend the gap between a chain link fence gate and a building or structure. That way, you will not have a large gap that is easy for your pup to escape from. These kits have everything you need to set up your post, including brace bands, carriage bolts, nuts, and post caps. If your pup is notorious for escaping your chain link fence area from a gap between the gate and another object, it’s time to reach for a fence puppy-saver kit!

Keep Your Dog Save And Inside Your Chain Link Area

Even if you do not own a dog that likes to escape a chain link fence, you probably know a few puppy escape artists that disappear faster than it takes to open and close your fence gate door. Stopping these pet companions using a bottom rail, tension wire, or a post-gap filler kit is the best solution. Whether for you or your family and friends, keeping pets safe from oncoming traffic and other outdoor dangers makes it easier to keep peace of mind when letting them out in an enclosed area.

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