How To Use Chain Link Fence Tools

Chain Link Fencing, or cyclone fences, is used in residential, commercial, and even industrial settings. A popular choice for perimeter control, Chain Link Fence Systems are easy to install, versatile, cost-effective, and practical. Chain Link Fittings offers an extensive catalog of Chain Link Fence Parts, Fittings, and Essential Tools for backyard fence systems, heavy-duty industrial rolling gate systems, greenhouse building, farm and livestock fence, and more.

Demonstration Of Striking Ground Post Driver On Ground Post With Sledgehammer

Steel Ground Post Drivers by Jiggly Greenhouse

How To Use The Ground Post Driver

Jiggly Greenhouse Ground Post Driver Caps allow for safe, simple, and secure installation of ground posts on your greenhouse frame of chain link fence. The durable steel construction of these post drivers absorbs the impact of the sledgehammer when pounding the posts into the ground, effectively eliminating disfigurement of the top of the ground posts.

Ground Post Drivers go over the top of the ground post, protecting the ends of the post from damage during installation. The shape of the post driver is designed to receive high-impact strikes from a sledgehammer. Using the Ground Post Driver Cap, ground posts can efficiently be driven into the ground without deforming the post, creating a well-crafted frame.

Sizes Available:

Barb Wire Carrying And Installation Tools

Handheld, 2-Man Barb Wire Carrier Hand Tool

Safely carry barb wire with ease with this heavy-duty and durable wire carrier, which will ensure that carrying your wire will never be a painful experience again.

Tool For Gripping And Pulling Barb Wire, Top Loop Wire Gripper

This Heavy-Duty Wire Gripper is an efficient and safe way to grip and hold the wire in place for any fencing project that you could need.

How To Use Barb Wire Tools

The Barb Wire Roll Carrier is designed for carrying rolls of barb wire during installation. The 1/2" pipe handle is designed to sleeve a tube to create a two-man carrier that can be carried by one person or two when moving heavy spools of barbed wire. The tube can be hooked to a vehicle to unwind barb wire spools over long distances.

The Barb Wire Gripper is designed for gripping or holding the wire in place for fencing. Highly compatible, the gripper can be used for barbed wire, smooth wire, and cables. Simply slip the wire into the collar of the gripper, attach a come-along to the ring, and stretch your material. This gripper is an excellent tool for building or repairing fences.

Fence Tool Selection:

Fence Stretcher Tools To Install Chain Link Fence Fabric (Mesh)

36" 3-Hook Fence Stretcher Bar - Chain Link Rake Tool

The 36" 3 Hook Galvanized Fence Stretcher Bar for Chain Link Fence streamlines and simplifies the installation and maintenance process for any chainlink fence. With a reach of 3' and three hooks to help stretch the chainlink fabric within a fence system, this reliable Stretcher Bar makes a world of difference in ensuring a fence has proper tension in order to deliver maximum performance. It's also made of strong, galvanized steel, meaning it's rust-resistant and built to last, performing at an elite level even with regular use.

How To Use The 3-Hook Fence Stretcher Bar

Hold The Stretcher Bar (aka fence hook) vertically and attach the chain link fabric to the three hooks on the bar while slightly pulling in the direction the mesh needs to go towards. Evenly pull and walk toward the next terminal post to extend the chain link mesh fabric from one terminal post to the next. Pull the 3-Hook Stretcher Bar and fabric until you are able to easily attach the fabric and brace bands on the terminal post. Continue using the rake tool to pull fabric evenly from post to post until installation is complete.

Quick Instructions:

  • Hold Bar Vertically
  • Use All 3 Hooks To Latch Onto Fabric
  • Evenly Pull Toward Terminal Post, Pulling Fabric Along
  • Stop At Each Post And Attach Fabric To Brace Bands
  • Continue These Steps

Manual Fabric Hand Stretcher - Fencing Stretcher Tool

The Chain Link Fabric Hand Stretcher is a manual option for stretching any chain link fence fabric. Simple, strong, and reliable, this steel stretcher helps create the proper amount of tension during the installation of chain link fabric. Its durable steel composition makes it a reliable tool that any contractor or homeowner will love having in their toolbox.

How To Use The Manual Short Stretch Tool

Open the Hand Stretcher and position it half-circle around the post and hook the arm around the tension bar of the gate. The hook should be securely latched onto the tension bar that is threaded vertically through the end of the chain link mesh fabric. With manual force, push down to allow the clamp to close the short gap between the post and the tension bar and fabric. Hold the Manual Fence Stretcher in place and install tension bands to the post and tension bar. Using a carriage bolt, connect the tension bands to the fence fabric and bar.

Instructions For A Swing Gate Section Laying Flat:

  • Open The Tool Half-Circle Closer To The Ground
  • *Position The Hook Around The Tension Bar That Is Threaded Through
  • *Position The Half-Circle Under The Gate Post
  • Once In Position, Push Down - Allowing The Tool And Bar To Pull Together
  • Install Tension Bands Once The Short Gap Has Been Closed By The Stretcher

Clipping And Setting Fabric To Chain Link Fence Frames

Metal Banana Clip Fabric Stretching

The Banana Clip Chain Link Fence Fabric Tensioning Tool is designed to aid in hanging the chain link material from the top rail and can stretch to pull out the slack while holding the chain link in place before tying the material off.

Metal Pumpkin Claw Fabric Hanging

The Chain Link Fence Fabric Pumpkin Claw is a tool designed to aid in safely hanging chain link fences. The Pumpkin Claw yields the best results when used every 20 to 30 feet to secure the fence before tying it off.

Metal Apple Jack Wire Height Setting

The Apple Jack Installation Tool is essentially a third hand to assist in installing your chain link fence. It is designed to set the wire to the designated height easily before tying the chain link fabric off.

Chain Link Hog Ring Pliers

The Chain Link Fence Hog Ring Pliers is used to clamp hog rings together in order to secure chain link fence fabric and wire. A sturdy and simple tool, hog ring pliers make it easy to affix hog rings to both wires and fencing, creating a strong connection that facilitates top-notch fence function. Use the adjustable thumb screw and quickly and effectively attach any size hog ring. For removing the hog ring, diagonal pliers will open the ring.

Gate Clip Crimper Fence & Gate Tool

The Heavy Duty Chain Link Gate Clip Crimping Tool always stays in line. Comprised of high-quality pressed steel, this tool is essential for gate and chain link mesh installation. The Gate Clip Crimping Tool allows you to effortlessly crimp gate clips around a gate frame and tension bar to secure chain link mesh to the gate frame. Watch the Gate Clip Crimping Tool Video for a step-by-step demonstration.