How To Use Titan Post Driver

Titan Post Drivers are designed to drive posts effectively and efficiently into the ground or surface. This equipment, though lightweight, is very powerful and should be used properly. Understanding how to use and maintain this equipment will limit the risks of injury or death. Precautions, starting and driving instructions, and maintenance directions follow.


  • Titan Gas-Powered Post Drivers' power is self-contained. No additional power sources, such as hydraulics or air compression, are needed.
  • Always use appropriately sized sleeves and collars on your post driver. This ensures proper impact and limits wear.
  • Always keep the post driver square with the post when driving.
  • Read engine instructions.
  • Your engine is inclinable, meaning it can be used at any angle.
  • Use with low-viscosity grease (Titan EP 0).
  • Maintain 10-12 pounds of down-pressure while driving.
  • Do not allow the barrel to contact the ground while driving.
  • Do not push the throttle trigger unless the driver is on the post.
  • If dry-fire or misfire occurs, re-engage the anvil by lifting the driver and setting it back down on the post with some pressure.
Titan Post Driver

Starting & Driving

Before every use, check the engine grease and oil. Heavy Duty post drivers will need to be stood upright to check the oil; Standard Duty drivers will need to be laid parallel to a flat surface with the barrel propped up to level it. Grease will need to be replenished every 40 hours of use. Oil can be checked using the built-in dipstick and should not exceed the thread for the cap.

Starting your post driver for the first time and for the first time for every project, referred to as a cold engine, requires additional starting steps. Close the choke by moving the lever up, press the prime bulb until the fuel can be seen inside the fuel return line, then pull the starter grip 3 to 5 times. Once running, return the choke to the down position. Let the machine run for 5 minutes idle and an additional 5 minutes with the throttle engaged.

To start your post driver, place the machine on a solid surface in an open area. Move the choker to the open (down) position and hold the throttle in the max speed position while pressing the on-off auto button. Pull the starter grip 3 to 5 times, careful not to wrap the rope around anything, allow it to snap, or pull beyond full length.

When driving posts, use proper protection, take a firm stance, and appropriately place the driver on the post. Pull down on the machine handles to apply 10-12 pounds of pressure, then gently engage the throttle. Once the throttle engages and the machine moves correctly, drive the post into the ground. When the post reaches its desired height, release the throttle and slide the machine off the post. Always stop the throttle fully before removing the machine. Repeat for each post.


  • Do not rest horizontally on the driver side or the engine.
  • Check engine oil level (use SAE 10W-30) before every use.
  • Check the grease level (use EP 0) before every use.
  • Check fuel level (use unleaded, 86 octane or higher) before every use.
  • Check and replace the air filter every few months or as needed.
  • Check all fasteners, bolts, and rings every few months or as needed.

Be sure to read the operation manual for all equipment before use. Taking the necessary precautions, properly starting and driving, and performing the required maintenance will ensure that your Titan Post Driver operates correctly for as long as possible.