Is Chain Link Fence Steel or Aluminum?

Aluminum Or Steel Chain Link Fence

Although chain link is a popular fence option, you may not know how or what chain link is made of. If you're curious about the process of creating a chain link fence or what types of materials are available for this type of fence, otherwise known as cyclone fence, here are some fast facts about chain link fence.

1. Chain Link Is Usually Made From Galvanized Steel

Usually, galvanized steel is used when creating a chain link fence due to its low cost and durability. Since chain link is economical for homeowners and has long-lasting weather-resistant properties, galvanized steel is a good material.

This material goes through a hot-dipped galvanization process. During this process, the carbon steel wire is dipped in molten zinc. A protective layer is created when zinc forms an alloy with carbon steel. This is how your chain link fence can still protect your yard or manufacturing plant for up to 20 years.

When zinc is exposed to air, it forms zinc oxide. You may not know that zinc oxide is working to protect the carbon steel in your chain link fence by providing a defensive outer layer.

2. You Can Protect Your Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence

When the zinc oxide starts to wear, this can cause your chain link fence to rust. To prevent this, a good coating such as Galv-Match-Plus can cover your fence in a new protective zinc coating and reduce further damage. The color of this touch-up paint is galvanized metallic gray, offering a perfect match for your chain link fence.

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3. Some Chain Link Fence Is Made From Aluminized Steel

While the most popular chain link fence is created from galvanized steel, you can buy chain link fittings made from aluminum steel if you prefer a complete aluminum fence. These fences are created the same way as galvanized steel fences, but instead of being dipped in molten zinc, wires are tipped in molten aluminum.

Some people prefer aluminum because it has more durability than zinc. This makes it the perfect chain link fence material for those that require a chain link fence that can withstand more damage, such as when used in a playground or dog kennel.

Is There A Better Material For My Chain Link Fence?

If you are deciding between creating a chain link fence made from aluminum or galvanized steel, the most important is seeing where you will install your fence. An aluminum steel chain link fence is a better option if your fence is in a more active area with many pedestrians. However, a galvanized steel chain fence will work fine if you create a chain link fence around a residential property.

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