Marking Straight Fence Lines & Holes for Fence Posts

Building a Straight Fence

Building a straight fence does not sound like a complicated task and doesn't have to be. Before any digging or post-pounding can begin, it would be wise to plan the layout of your to-be fence. There are three things you will need to locate and mark out. Property and utility lines are the first two things you need to locate and mark. The third thing you will need to mark is the location of every fence post. Marking utility, property, and fence lines can quickly and easily be done with Professional Inverted Line Marking Paint. Whether you are a contractor, working for a utility company, or a DIY-er, inverted line marking paint makes the process of outlining less strenuous.

Building a Straight Fence

A common question when building a fence is how to make straight fence lines. Once you have located property lines and utility lines, you can begin the layout of your fence. It is common practice to start the fence plan at a single corner and utilize wood or metal stakes and string. Drive a stake into the starting corner and tie the string around it. Then, drive stakes into the next corners or junctions and wrap the string around each stake. With a general outline of your fence, you will want to ensure everything is straight.

Using Inverted Spray Paint to Mark for Fence Posts

As mentioned, you can outline utility, property, and fence lines with the Inverted Line Marking Paint, but the string method is much more common and simple. No matter how you outline your fence, inverted spray paint can also be used to mark the location of each fence post. With the line or string marking the fence line, you can then measure along this line, painting an X whenever or wherever you need to place a fence post.

The advantages of Inverted Line Marking Paint include ease of handling and its temporary application. Perfect for quick project preparation and temporary outlining rather than for sports fields. Inverted spray paint is designed for gravel, grass, dirt, asphalt, concrete, and more. The difference is the nozzle and the paint itself. The nozzle is designed to spray straight down rather than to the side. The paint is water-based, meaning it will spray better without clogging when the can is inverted. The water-base also means the paint is temporary, washing away with water. Inverted line marking paint also means you won't have to break your back before even assembling the fence.

Chain Link Fittings offers a 17 oz can of bright white Professional Contractor Grade Inverted Line Marking Paint and much more. Find everything you need to build a strong and functional chain link fence. From standard steel chain link fittings and powder-coated black chain link fittings to post drivers and installation tools, Chain Link Fittings provides the materials, tools, and guidance to build a durable and attractive fence.

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