Metric Conversion of Chain Link Fence Pipe Measurements

When purchasing and installing a chain link fence, measuring and coordinating the various components is important. Many fittings have measurements that depend on the fence post's diameter, but there are two ways to measure. Every chain link fence pipe will have an inside diameter and outside diameter, which differ depending on the pipe schedule or wall thickness. The difference in these measurements is significant when purchasing, say, a post cap, which fits externally, versus a post plug, which fits internally.

Measuring A Chain Link Fence Post

Inside Diameter (ID) and Outside Diameter (OD) Pipe Comparison Chart

Determining the inside and outside diameter of your chain link fence pipe is simple; use a ruler to measure across the opening of the fence pipe. Often, when searching for a chain link fitting that will fit your fence post, you will see what is referred to as the listed or nominal diameter.

Nominal Diameter Versus Actual Diameter

The nominal diameter often refers to the outside diameter of a fitting that sits externally to the fence post or the inside diameter or length of a fitting that sits internally to the fence post. Therefore, it is essential to compare the nominal and actual diameter depending on the fitting and the appropriate diameter of the fence post.

At Chain Link Fittings, we do our best to properly label each product with an appropriate measurement for your convenience when purchasing. We offer a nominal and actual diameter measurement for every product, often using “OD" to indicate the outside diameter. However, because we are located within the United States, the measurements we take and add to products are mainly imperial. Below is a chart comparing imperial nominal and actual diameters and a metric conversion of these measurements in millimeters.

Imperial and Metric Conversion of the Chain Link Fence Pipe Measurements

Nominal Imperial Diameter Nominal Metric Diameter Actual Imperial Diameter Actual Metric Diameter
1 3/8" 34.93mm 1 3/8" 34.93mm
1 5/8" 41.28mm 1 5/8" 41.28mm
2" 50.8mm 1 7/8" 47.63mm
2 1/2" 63.5mm 2 3/8" 60.33mm
3" 76.2mm 2 7/8" 73.03mm
3 1/2" 88.90mm 3 1/2" 88.90mm
4" 101.60mm 4" 101.60mm
4 1/2" 114.30mm 4 1/2" 114.30mm
6" 152.4mm 6 5/8" 168.28mm
8" 203.2mm 8 5/8" 219.08mm

We hope this has clarified how chain link fence post measurements are measured and why the industry has differing measurements. If you have further questions, please explore the articles within our Resources Hub, particularly How To Measure Your Post, or contact our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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