Powder-Coated & Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence Systems are typically silver or gray, using galvanized steel framework and steel fence mesh fabric. Both residential and commercial chain link fences can be coated in powder-coating or vinyl-coating to achieve a different color aesthetic and a rubber-like smooth exterior finish. Manufacturers typically offer chain link fences in galvanized (muted silver), black, green, white, or brown.

These color options are darker than the unpainted basic chain link fence and tend to blend into its surroundings and have an elevated style as opposed to the unfinished galvanized chain link fence and frame. Options are endless with coated chain link fences, with the ability to choose any combination of frame and mesh color and coating, chain link fence gets an honest upgrade and added benefits from a coating in any color.

Key Differences Between Powder-Coated And Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fence

Powder-Coated Vinyl-Coated
Electro-Static Charge Keeps Powder On Steel
Better Adhesion To Steel In Oven Heating Process
Dipped Or Painted Process To Coat Exterior
No Maintenance Required - Will Not Crack Or Peel Requires Paint Touch Up - Will Crack And Peel Over Time
UV Stabilized UV Stabilized
Environmentally Friendly - Does Not Require Use Of Solvents
Catches It's Own "Overspray"
Requires Chemicals In Covering Process
Excess From Coating Process Is Not Reusable

Benefits Of Coated Chain Link Fence

Using static and heat, powder-coating is applied to the metal to provide an extremely durable and waterproof finished product. Powder-coating gives the fence a painted look and is used mostly for preventing corrosion and giving a fence an enhanced appearance. Powder coating can be used on chain link fence posts, frameworks, and fittings. It is more common to see chain link mesh with vinyl-coating rather than powder-coating.

Galvanized After Weaving (GAW) chain link fabric is raw wire woven into fence fabric that is immediately dipped in galvanization. It provides the best protection against the most severe coastal industrial environments. Hot-dipped zinc galvanizing is a process with over 200 years of proven effectiveness in millions of applications worldwide. Galvanized Chain Link is the most common method of protecting the fence's metal from corrosion, the protective layer forms to the metal and protects against moisture and weather conditions. Adding a vinyl coating to chain link fence mesh increases its durability and creates a protective outer layer from the elements.

Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fence Fittings

Vinyl coating is offered in various colors from a manufacturer with limitations. The coating is a plastic material applied on top of mesh fabric or fence fittings that acts as a sheath to extend the lifespan of the fence system as it protects against moisture. Vinyl coating is durable but tends to rust sooner than its powder-coated counterpart. This type of coating is more budget-friendly and recommended for residential perimeters.

Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence Fittings

Powder coating uses a powder material applied using an electrostatic process in which a base-coat epoxy adheres following a top powder coat. Stronger and more durable than vinyl-coating, powder-coated fences are highly recommended for industrial and commercial use in which the installed fence needs to have a long life expectancy to be worthwhile. Powder-coated chain link fence is known to be slightly more expensive than vinyl-coating. However, a powder-coated fence provides better security and a longer life span.

View Our Installed Black Chain Link Fence Fittings

Black Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence Fittings Installation Gallery
Black Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence Fittings Installation Gallery
Black Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence Fittings Installation Gallery