The Importance Of Tension Wire In Chain Link

Chain Link Fence With Tension Wire

Despite some parts of a chain link fence being optional, tension wire is somewhere you want to avoid cutting corners. Tension wire is usually used to support the structure of your chain link fence, whether the posts or other necessary parts. Usually, tension wire comes in either aluminum or steel and is quite durable. But what is the reason you need tension wire?

Tension Wire For Chain Link Fences

Tension wire prevents your fence from sagging or collapsing. Over time, a fence may start moving to one side, and if installed correctly, tension wire should stop this from happening. When a fence sags, it offers more opportunities for deer, coyotes, and other creatures to jump through and ruin your vegetable garden or harm your pets. Placing tension wire at the bottom of your fence keeps the mesh tight and reduces accidents like these.

Will Tension Wire Protect My Fence From Damage?

Not only does tension wire make a more substantial chain link fence, but it also prevents significant damage from high winds and trees. If a heavy branch falls on your chain link fence, tension wire will not eliminate all harm, but your fence will remain stronger against these accidents than without it.

Is Tension Wire Expensive?

Tension wire is affordable; you can choose between different gauge sizes. Most of the time, nine-gauge is all you need for residential fences. Smaller sizes, such as six-gauge, are used for high-security applications where it helps keep intruders from breaking down a fence. Depending on the weather in your environment, tension wire made from steel or galvanized steel may be a better option. Steel works better than galvanized steel in coastal climates by providing more durability. But, galvanized steel is still reliable while offering a more affordable option.

If you are looking for quality tension wire for your chain link fence, we offer long-lasting tension wire made from steel and galvanized steel.

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