Truck Assemblies For Chain Link Fences

Cantilever Gates Connected To Chain Link Fence

Since chain link fences are highly customizable, many gate options, including sliding or cantilever gate systems, are ready for use. However, one of the differences between sliding and cantilever gate systems is that sliding gates must go along a track, while cantilever gate systems are trackless gate systems. Cantilever gates use a roller system that goes behind fencing and is suspended when a gate is opened or closed. An additional internal truck assembly is sometimes used when installing a cantilever gate system. But you may wonder, "What are some advantages of using a truck assembly with a cantilever gate?" When compared to a sliding gate, there are many.

Advantages Of A Cantilever Gate System With Truck Assemblies

Able To Navigate Uneven Terrain

One of the most essential advantages of a cantilever gate system is that it can be installed on various terrains. If you have a bumpy driveway or live in a rural area with a graveled entryway, a cantilever gate system will work far better than an average sliding gate.

Almost Zero Maintenance

When you install a sliding gate, you'll need to clean the tracks regularly. On the other hand, a cantilever gate system is far more efficient and only needs to be lubricated and, optionally, serviced by an industry professional every year. Another advantage is that since cantilever gate systems are not as low to the ground as sliding gates, there is significantly less chance that rocks, snow, or sand will impede the gate's movement and cause problems.

Cantilever Gates Will Last Many Years

When cantilever gates are used correctly and well-maintained, they can last many more years than sliding gates. Cantilever gates are created from heavy-duty materials and do not roll on the ground, so there is minimal wear and tear.

Truck Assemblies For Cantilever Gates

One of the top best sellers for cantilever gates is the 4-wheel truck and trolley assembly. These assemblies are created for internal trucks and are forged from malleable steel. Resistant to inclement weather and corrosion, these truck assemblies keep all mechanical parts and processes inside the guide frames, offering additional protection from harsh weather elements. With a zinc-plated coating to prevent rusting, the truck assembly is an ideal companion for a cantilever gate system and will last many years.

Cantilever Gates Versus Sliding Gates

Despite a well-maintained sliding gate lasting many years, it will usually never be as durable as a cantilever gate. If you are okay with spending a couple of additional dollars for a gate system that offers less maintenance and more durability, truck assemblies with cantilever gates are the right solution for your chain link fence.

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