What Are The Disadvantages Of Chain Link Fencing?

Rusty Chain Link Fence

With the many advantages chain link fence gives, a few disadvantages come with this type of fencing. Before going out and purchasing a chain link fence for a property or perimeter, it's important to know and understand some of the disadvantages of chain link fence. These types of fences are prevalent and serve many purposes. Let's look at some disadvantages and why someone may reconsider using a chain link fence for their next project.

Cheaply Made Materials

This means that big box stores sell chain link fence fabric (sometimes called mesh) that is usually of lower quality than specialty distributors such as us. The biggest difference between the chain link mesh/fabric is that the big box stores are made of thinner metal and have a thinner galvanized coating. This leads to much quicker rusting and breakdown of the fence. It's best to avoid big box stores for anyone who wants a long-lasting, quality chain link fence. We offer any chain link fitting that is needed.

Lack Of Privacy

Another disadvantage of chain link fence is that it doesn't offer much privacy. Besides needing a fence for perimeter security, like keeping people out and pets in, many people use it for privacy. Now there are slats that people get for a chain link fence, but it's nice not to have to purchase an additional product just for privacy. If privacy is the main purpose of building your fence, maybe reconsider what options there are besides chain link.

Negative Appearance

Chain link fences don't give off the best look, especially in residential applications. They can start to rust after a few years, which can be prevented with galvanized aluminum, but it will happen eventually. Another thing is that the sharp edges can cut a person or animal if they were to run into the fence. The sharp shapes and edges do not give the home or neighborhood a comfortable vibe. One way to help with the appearance of a chain link fence is getting a black powder-coated one. They give off less of an industrial look than galvanized chain link does. They also do not rust as easily. This means you'll have the same new look years before rust comes about.

It's All The Same

The last disadvantage to chain link fences is the lack of options. There's no way for you to differentiate yourself from your neighbors. Most chain link all looks the same. There are options to get smaller or larger sized mesh/fabric and to have differently shaped post caps, but there's not much else. If you are trying to get a fence to differentiate yourself and your property, chain link may not be the best option.

It's important to know both advantages and disadvantages of anything you buy, especially if it's a big investment like a fence. Contact one of our helpful representatives if you have any questions about chain link fence or fitting. We'll work with you to figure out the best solution for your project!

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