What Do Chain Link Tension Bars Do?

Chain Link Fence Tension Bar

Tension bars are essential to the chain link fence assembly. Tension bars are thin, flat strips of galvanized steel installed through the final weave of a section of chain link mesh. The tension bar secures the chain link fabric to the terminal, corner, or pate posts. Its main purpose is to evenly distribute the fabric's tension evenly and minimize bent and damaged fence fabric.

Features of Tension Bars

Tension bars are made of galvanized steel and available in powder-coated black. The galvanization protects the steel from corrosion. Tension bars tend to be sold in heights 2 inches less than the chain link fence fabric and overall fence height. The tension bar being shorter prevents it from interfering with the top and bottom rails.

Installing a Tension Bar for a Chain Link Fence

You will want to install the tension bar during the entire assembly process of your chain link fence system. With the chain link hung from the top rail, use a *stretcher tool to pull the mesh to the terminal post. Slide the tension bar through the last vertical weave of the fabric mesh. Then, wrap *tension bands around the fence post and the tension bar. Secure the tension band with a carriage bolt.

Note: The number of tension bands you need varies by the fence height. Traditionally, at least two tension bands are needed. The tension between the band and the mesh pulling on the bar will keep it in place.

Chain Link Fittings Tension Bars & Installation Materials

Chain Link Fittings has everything you need to build a strong chain link fence for any application. Tension bars and tension bands keep your chain link fabric tight and straight. Installing tension bars and bands is a simple concept but may be difficult when stretching the fabric. Find everything you need to place a chain link tension bar effectively and create a durable fence.

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