What Goes On A Chain Link Fence Post

What goes on top of your chain link fence posts? Well, there are many options of what can go on top of your chain link fence posts, but all are generally referred to as post caps. The best type of post cap for your chain link fence depends on the fence's application and parts. However, the main purpose of any post cap is to cover the top of the fence posts to prevent anything from rain to insects from getting inside. Let's look at the options…

Types of Chain Link Post Caps

Chain Link Post Caps

Dome Post Caps

Standard chain link post caps are dome-shaped post caps. These are made of aluminum or pressed steel, most fitting externally to the top of the post, though few are weld-on post caps. Available in various sizes, these serve the single purpose of covering the top of the post to protect the interior.

Acorn Post Caps

The acorn-shaped post caps are another standard option for the top of chain link fence posts. These post caps feature a rounded point and serve the same purpose as the dome-shaped post caps. The choice between these and the dome-shaped post caps is up to preference, though the acorn post caps are exclusively aluminum and are not available in as many post sizes.

Bullet Post Caps

Bullet post caps feature a shape like an acorn post caps, but unlike the traditional post caps, these offer another function. While post caps are designed to protect the interior of fence posts, some bullet post caps connect to one or two top rails, securing the top rail to terminal posts.

Top Rail Eye Top Loop Caps

More commonly referred to as loop caps, these post caps feature a loop. The loop adds a function to the standard post cap by combining the post cap and top rail connection. The loop allows you to secure the top rail across fence sections. Made of pressed steel or aluminum and offered in various post and rail sizes, loop caps meet the demand of many applications.

Top Rail Barb Wire Loop Caps

Barb wire loop caps or barb arm bases combine the protection of a post cap and the top rail security of loop caps with the safe installation of barb wire. These fit externally to a fence post and feature a loop for the top rail and a slot to position and secure barb wire.

Which Chain Link Post Cap Is Best?

The best post cap for your chain link fence system depends on your style preference and the design's function. If you need a post cap to simply cover the fence post, your options are dome-shaped or acorn-shaped post caps. If you need to secure the top rail of the fence system to the top of the fence, bullet post caps or loop caps are your options. If you want to include barb wire on your chain link fence system, consider the barb arm base post caps.