What Is a Bulldog Hinge?

Chain link gate hinges are essential to a functioning chain link fence system. Hinges are a high-use piece of hardware and, thus, are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Bulldog hinges are made of pressed steel, are easy to install, and are used for various applications in which a 90-degree gate swing is needed.

What Is A Bulldog Hinge?

Bulldog hinges have a distinct U-shaped collar for gate frame connection. The collar is what gives the hinge its name, as popular culture often depicts bulldogs with metal collars. Bulldog hinges are designed for heavy-duty and commercial fencing applications, as their rigid strength can easily hold large gates. These are secured to the fence post with the carriage bolt and to the gate frame by replacing the nuts on either end of the collar through the base. These hinges have a swing range of 90 degrees in either direction and can be adapted for a 180-degree range.

How Does A Bulldog Hinge Work?

Bulldog hinges mount directly to the fence post and gate frame. Two bulldog hinges are needed per gate, with each placed so that the hinges support the gate's rails (rest at least one gate hinge directly under a gate frame rail to prevent the gate from moving vertically). Hinges are secured using the included carriage bolt and u-shaped collar's included nuts. The teeth of the hinge bite into the post by tightening the U-bolt.

Note: The top hinge should account for slack and act as a guide. The weight will sit on the bottom bulldog hinge and be dispersed into the ground.

How To Install A Bulldog Hinge?

When installing, remember that the hinges must be positioned to support the gate frame rails.

  • Remove the carriage bolt and place the hinge around the fence post.
  • Loosely replace the carriage bolt to secure the hinge to the fence post.
  • Hoist the gate frame to align the gate hinge.
  • Remove the nuts from the gate frame collar.
  • Place the collar around the gate frame and through the holes in the hinge.
  • Replace the nuts to secure the collar around the gate frame.
  • Tighten as needed. *Tightening the hinges after both are installed will allow you to position the hinges more easily.
Bulldog Gate Hinge Parts

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