What Is A Chain Link Banana Clip Tool?

Ease chain link fence installation and prevent your chain link fence from sagging with the Chain Link Fence Banana Clip Tool. The Banana Clip tool is designed to aid in securing the chain link fabric by holding the fabric up. One of many chain link fence installation tools, the Banana Clip is unique in stretching the chain link fabric vertically, unlike most tools, which assist in creating horizontal tension.

What Does A Chain Link Banana Clip Tool Do?

The chain link Banana Clip tool is used for stretching and tensioning. The Banana Clip is designed to hook onto the top rail and hold the chain link fabric in place while you secure it to the fence posts. As the fabric is held up, you can secure the fabric evenly along the fence posts, creating vertical and horizontal tension, preventing sagging, and allowing for even distribution of the chain link fabric along the entire fence. The Banana Clip tools are easy to use, reusable, adjustable, and proudly made in the USA.

How To Use A Chain Link Banana Clip Tool?

Once the chain link fabric has been propped up between the fence posts and along the rail(s), slide the clip through a diamond in the fabric mesh and up onto the top rail. The banana clip will hook around the top rail and hold the chain link fabric up to the same level. The chain link fabric can then be stretched to create the necessary tension along the fencing. We recommend the following tips for the best results.

Chain Link Banana Clip Tool Tips

  • Position a Banana Clip tool every 20-30 feet along the top rail.
  • Do not position the banana clip close to the fence posts
  • Place past the top rail sleeve
Chain Link Banana Clip Tool

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