What Is The Decorative Top Part Of A Fence Post Called?

The decorative top part of a fence post is called a post cap. They serve a few purposes besides having decorative value. There are different types of post caps that all differ from each other. Before going about how they all differ, there are some common purposes they all serve. The first one is that they keep water, snow, and other precipitation out from inside the fence posts. This is crucial to maintain the structural integrity of the chain link fence. If moisture gets inside, then the fence will start to rust quickly. Another thing the fence post caps keep out is bugs and other pests. Hornets can sometimes make their nests inside a fence, and if the fence is near a house or where kids play, it could turn into a dangerous situation.

Dome Post Caps

Dome post caps are fence caps that usually are installed on end posts, corner posts, or gate posts. They serve as a cover for the inside of the post and decoration. They come in a variety of sizes to fit different sized post diameters. Some come in a weld on style for a permanent solution. Other types can be slotted on top of the post.

Acorn Post Caps

Acorn fence caps serve the same purpose as the dome post caps, but they offer a more decorative look. They are a nice way to differentiate a chain link fence from others in the area. The rounded top will still protect the posts from moisture and insects from getting inside. Our aluminum ones will not rust and provide years of function and style.

Bullet Post Caps

Bullet post caps are a unique type of chain link fence post cap. They can be used on terminating posts such as gates, corners, or end posts. The unique thing about them is that they can completely replace a brace band or rail end cup. The fitting on the side(s) of the bullet cap can connect to a top rail. This can save time and money. Most bullet caps are press fit and can be tapped into the correctly sized post.

Loop Caps

Loop post caps are primarly used on top of line posts. The loop or the eye of the top cap is used to slot a top rail or a tension wire through. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. If the loop part is offset, orient the loop towards the outside of the fence since the top rail will help hold up the chain link mesh on the outside. Most loop top caps are press fit.

Besides serving the purpose of holding the fence structure up, keeping bugs and moisture out, and running top rails through, the last function of a chain link fence post cap is decoration. Everyone wants a nice-looking fence. We offer many different sizes, shapes, and materials to accommodate almost any look. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, reach out to one of our helpful sales representatives.

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