Which Is Stronger, 9 Gauge Or 11 Gauge Chain Link Fence?

Chain Link Fence

When looking to build or repair a chain link fence, the term "gauge" is often used, but what does it mean? The term gauge in the context of chain link fence along with wire refers to the metal's thickness. It is important to know the thickness of the materials you are using when installing your fence. Using the proper metal when building a fence makes installation easier for you and ensures you have a fence that is built to last. Unsurprisingly, a fence being built for an industrial yard will need to be a little more heavy-duty than a typical backyard fence.

So, how do you know which gauge is thicker and thinner? We are here to help. It is actually very simple to determine which gauge is the thickest. When looking at gauge sizes, the smaller the number, the thicker the gauge. Meaning a 9-gauge chain link fence has a thicker, sturdier metal than an 11-gauge fence.

Next question you might be asking, so how do I decide what gauge works best for my project? That will all depend on how your fence will be used, but the common gauge size used in traditional chain link fence installations is 9-gauge metal. This thickness provides just enough durability to make it long-lasting but not too thick that installation would be difficult for the everyday person.

Now that you know a little more about gauge sizes for metals, you can confidently move forward with your outdoor project. For more information about chain link fences, check out our other articles or contact one of our helpful sales associates, who would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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