Which Kind Of Ties To Use For Your Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence Tie Around Post

One of the foundations for any chain link fence installation is the fence ties. These ties secure the fence fabric or mesh to posts and top rails. While many varieties of fence ties exist, some of the most popular include hook-style ties and EZ Twist fence ties. However, before you dive in and buy any of these ties, consider which one is better for your fence installation.

Chain Link Fence Tie Material

As with any chain link fitting, ties come in various materials. The most common materials include steel and aluminum. While steel may be the more robust material, aluminum is far more bendable and easier to install. If this is your first fence installation, aluminum is still durable and allows a more straightforward installation method.

On the other hand, if you’ve installed many fence ties and know how to work with steel, go ahead and pick up some steel fence ties. Steel is less flexible during installation but is more durable against inclement weather. However, despite these differences, steel and aluminum are excellent choices for your chain link fence.

Hooked End Style Fence Ties Versus EZ Twist Wire Fence Ties

Now that you know a little bit about the materials for fence ties, it’s time to investigate fence types. The installation method significantly differs between hook and EZ Twist ties.

Hook Fence Ties

Hook Fence Ties

Hooked end-style fence ties are easily placed on a chain link fence by pushing the tie through the chain link mesh and around the post or rail, then twisting the ends together. You can use fence pliers to tie, bend, or cut the wire if you need assistance. But, most of the time, these hooked-end fence ties are installed by hand.

EZ Twist Ties For Fence

EZ Twist Fence Ties

EZ Twist ties work differently by requiring a specific drill chuck for installation. However, more contractors prefer EZ Twist ties over hooked-end fence ties because of their ease of use. However, EZ Twist ties could be the perfect solution if you want to install multiple chain link fences quickly. The EZ Twist Ties 9-Gauge Chuck Tool works with standard EZ Twist ties and is a lightweight tool that speeds up your fence installation. You can use this chuck with a standard cordless drill, so it’s a worthy investment if you plan on working with chain link fences many times.

How Do You Know What Fence Tie Method Is Best?

What method and type of fence tie you use usually relates to how much money you want to spend. You can use hooked-end fence ties if you prefer a more affordable option and only plan to install your own chain link fence. But, if you’re a professional installer and don’t have time to waste, EZ Twist ties help get the job done faster and can easily be installed with a twist tie drill chuck tool.

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