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Chain link fencing is becoming popular among Canadians for residential and commercial applications because of its many benefits, including expense, quality, and lack of maintenance. To meet the growing demand, chain link fencing materials and fittings are being offered and purchased wholesale. Chain link fencing has been used for residential, commercial, and industrial settings for more than 100 years. During those years, chain link material was developed to become the current, most durable, and reliable galvanized steel. From protecting properties and people from threatening people and animals to the exact opposite of containing your children and pets, chain link fencing offers cost-effective functionality. But where can you purchase all the chain link fence materials you need? And can the materials be shipped to you?

Wholesale Chain Link Fence Fittings Shipped to Canada

Chain Link Fittings is a wholesale distributor of chain link fencing materials, supplying the best quality fittings for your chain link fence and gates at the lowest prices. Chain Link Fittings ships all over and would certainly be able to ship everything you need to build your chain link fence to your property in Canada. From tubing and tension wire to post caps, latches, and hinges to the installation tools, Chain Link Fittings has the best quality products at the best price and can get them to Canada quickly.

Chain Link Fittings is not just a wholesale distributor of chain link fencing parts but an informational resource. Please continue reading to learn more about how we offer materials that meet Canadian General Standards Board chain link fencing requirements.

Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Chain Link Fence and Gate Requirements

CAN/CGSB-138.2 - Steel Framework for Chain Link Fence & CAN/CGSB-138.4 - Gates for Chain Link Fence

This standard applies to the steel chain link fencing framework used in commercial and industrial applications. Materials used to construct the fence framework must be produced by methods recognized as good commercial practice. They shall be of uniform quality and condition, free of defects and imperfections affecting serviceability and appearance.

All components, excluding aluminum components, must be zinc-coated; galvanized coatings shall be applied by the hot-dip process, and all coated components must be free of harmful defects and excessive roughness. All fittings shall be zinc-coated pressed steel, galvanized steel, zinc-coated malleable iron, or aluminum alloy.

The base material of the gate frame shall be tubular with fully welded connections to ensure rigidity. All gates shall be of uniform quality and condition, free of defects and imperfections affecting serviceability and appearance.

How Chain Link Fittings Meets CGSB Requirements

All Chain Link Fittings materials are rated for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, have been manufactured in good practice, and tested for uniform quality and condition. Our fittings are made of pressed steel, galvanized steel, zinc-coated malleable iron, or aluminum alloy, and all galvanized coatings are applied by the hot dip process. As for gate frames, we offer tubular pipes and fully welded connection components, ensuring the fence and gate frame are rigid and stable. Manufactured, tested, and distributed with quality assurance, Chain Link Fittings offers the best quality chain link fence materials and fittings that meet Canadian standards at the best price.

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