Why Does Everyone Use Chain Link Fences?

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fence is versatile and can be configured for industrial and residential use, but it is also made to last many years and is more affordable than other fence types. That is why many people choose chain link fences over different types. But these are not the only reasons. Here are six reasons chain link fencing is a definite winner for residential or industrial use.

1. Chain Link Fence is Low Maintenance

If you’re more of a “go with the flow” type, you may like that chain link fence doesn’t require much care. Instead, chain link fences must only be checked for damage once a year. Afterward, you can use a hose or brush to clean it down or make quick fixes with good-quality aerosol spray paint for chain link fences. But other than that, unless a branch has hit your fence, you may only need to replace a few fittings that usually cost less than two dollars, including brace bands, tension bands, fence ties, or hog rings.

2. Added Protection For Children And Animals

If you want to keep your pets or children inside a backyard, a chain link fence is a great way to do it. These fences have added attachments that you can utilize to offer more security, including puppy post savers so your dog cannot leave the gap between a gate and a wall and barbed wire if you need protection for your industrial complex.

3. Increased Property Value For Your Household

Adding a chain link fence is a simple way to improve your property. Many pet owners are looking for a house with a fence already built in to save money. Since there are more pet owners each year in the United States, many more people will be looking for this feature in a home.

4. Chain Link Fencing Is Affordable

Unlike wood fencing, chain link fencing is much more affordable and not as easily damaged by water or other outdoor elements. The best part about chain link fencing is that it can be installed on large yards for less and will not need the maintenance required for a wooden fence.

5. Chain Link Fence Allows As Much Or As Little Privacy As Needed

Some people prefer chain link because it allows a breeze to enter a backyard, allowing for more ventilation. However, if you are more concerned about privacy, you can add privacy slats to your chain link fence, and just like that, your neighbors will no longer be able to look inside your yard.

6. Chain Link Fences May Be Better For Gardens

Since chain link has holes in the mesh, sunlight can enter. If you are an avid gardener planting flowers that need lots of sunlight, this may be a better option than a privacy vinyl fence.

Chain Link Fencing For All Your Needs

No matter if you are looking for a fence to keep your dogs in the yard or are searching for a fence for your military building, chain link fencing is the top choice. Not only is it affordable, but it is also easy to clean and will usually last you more than 20 years. Find out more about chain link fences below:

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