Will Chain Link Fence Increase Property Value?

Chain Link Increase Property Value In Park

While some prospective future house owners may see chain link as an “industrial” looking fence, most people view chain link fences as a positive for any property. And if they’re searching for a spot to keep their pet safe, they’ll look for this as a top feature when perusing house listings.

Just in the United States alone, according to the National Pet Owners Survey from 2019 to 2020, a whopping sixty-six percent of households had one pet or more. The trend for this number keeps increasing year after year. So, if you’re betting on a house owner to worry about the safety of their pets, you’d be betting right on them needing a chain link fence.

Why Is Chain Link Fence A Better Option For Pets?

Since chain link fence has many customization options, you can pick the perfect size for your pet, whether large or small. You may opt for something six feet or more if you have a large dog. However, if your pet is smaller, three feet or four could be a better size. The post put in the ground determines your chain link fence size.

And, to top it all off, if you are selling or searching for a commercial property to create a kennel, kennel clamps or kennel gate flip latches can be attached to your fence to create multiple kennels and to add security to stop pets from escaping.

A fence puppy saver is one popular option to add to existing chain link fences. This kit includes brace bands, carriage bolts, nuts, a post cap, and tubing to create a space filler between the fence and gate. This will stop large dogs from leaving an area through the gap by the gate.

Industrial Property And Chain Link Fences

Even if residential homes benefit from chain link fence, industrial properties almost always look for chain link fence that wraps around the entire property. Prospective buyers are searching for a secure area when adding a manufacturing plant. With a chain link fence, barbed wire or razor ribbon can be added to the top of the fence with a barb wire arm, allowing for additional heavy-duty security measures.

Durability Of Chain Link Fence

Another important facet when purchasing a home with a fence is finding out the durability of the fence. If taken care of properly, a chain link fence can last up to 20 years. That means that future homeowners will pay for less repairs in the future.

Also, privacy slats can be added to a chain link fence to increase privacy. You can choose from vinyl, aluminum, or natural-looking spruce needles. This enhances your chain link fence and stops it from looking too “industrial.” Since chain link is more durable than wood fences, it is a better option to add around a property.

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