Will Lawn Treatment Ruin Powder Coating On A Fence?

Chain Link Powder-Coated Mesh

When installing a fence, it may be to keep deer or other animals away from flower beds or growing vegetable plants. Especially if you have a black powder-coated chain link fence, you may wonder if garden or lawn treatments will damage the powder-coating on your fence. While a powder-coated fence is durable and should not be damaged easily, aggressive chemicals may allow the plastic on the powder coating to degrade. So, not spraying your fence directly with harsh chemicals is essential.

What Kinds Of Harsh Chemicals Can Damage My Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence?

The harsh chemicals can cause damage to your powder-coated fence. Just think: if you cannot use the chemical with your bare hands, it will most likely damage your powder-coated fence. Therefore, lawn care and vegetable pesticides can accumulate over time in a chain link fence because of what is known as "chalking." This is where the pigment particles from the powder-coating lose adhesion, and a surface that looks as if it has been painted with chalk starts to form.

How Do I Maintain My Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence?

The best way to maintain your chain link fence is by power washing. All the buildup from saltwater and dirt can cause you to take years off your fence's durability. If you do not have power washing equipment, use something soft such as cloth or brush with a mild household detergent. If you go this route, remember not to use detergents that have solvents or petroleum-based chemicals because they can damage the powder coating. After brushing the detergent on the fence, wash it off with warm water. Fences should be cleaned every one to two years.

What If My Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence Is Rusting?

If you notice your fence rusting, you should repair it to ensure it does not get ruined further. To learn more about how this is done, visit "Repainting & Repairing Paint & Finish On Chain Link Fencing." This article will run you through applying touch-up galvanizing paint to your chain link fence. Remember, when using paint on your chain link fence, ensure to cover any landscaping or plant features near it.

Is A Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence Better Than A Galvanized Metal Fence?

While both fences are durable, the standard galvanized chain link metal fence may not be as durable as the powder-coated alternative. If you live in a coastal region, investing in a powder-coated chain link fence is better, as it is more corrosion-resistant. However, the type of fence you purchase usually depends on the area's aesthetics. If your fence is in a more visible location, you may enjoy the look of power-coating more than galvanized metal chain link fences. It all comes down to your preferences.

Lawn Treatment On Powder-Coated Chain Link Fences

Remember to protect your fence from harsh lawn treatments and other chemicals. When spraying plants, ensure that the chain link fence is not receiving any of the chemicals and that you perform proper maintenance on your chain link fence. If you are looking for powder-coated fittings for your chain link fence, please view our selection below:

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