Wood Fence to Steel Post Adapter

Wood and steel are commonly used to construct a fence. While aesthetically pleasing, the wooden fence may need extra support to serve its function. Utilizing steel posts will eliminate the wood rot that destroys wood posts in 7 to 10 years and multiply the life of your fence up to 4 times as long. Whether converting a chain link fence to wood or building a wood fence from scratch, you won’t want to overlook the fittings, including hinges, connectors, hardware, and more.

Fittings will allow you to create the beautiful and functional fence you desire seamlessly. Chain Link Fittings has an expansive collection of fittings for chain link fencing, including black powder-coated chain link fencing parts, but a significant one for wood fencing with steel posts is an adapter.

Wood Fence to Steel Post Adapters

Create a seamless transition between your fencing materials by connecting your wood fence to a steel post with any of our wooden fence-to-post adapters. We have a selection of corner, end, line, and universal adapters in traditional galvanized steel, as well as wood-to-steel pipe grip ties in both galvanized steel and black powder-coated galvanized steel.

Wood to Steel Pipe Grip Ties

Wood to steel pipe grip ties are a popular option to extend the life of your wood fence structure. These adapters are offered in galvanized steel and black powder-coated galvanized steel. Quick and easy to install, these grip ties attach directly to the wood rail while wrapping around the steel post. These grip ties feature a nut and bolt that tightly grips the steel post for extra security. Comparatively, these adapters do not feature the bracket-style design and do not support as much weight as other adapters would.

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