Wood To Steel Fence Post Adapters

Corner wood adapter on wood fence

Whether you are installing a wood fence or building a greenhouse, it is important to create a structure that is built to last. Wood is a popular option for outdoor structures. It is a sturdy material that also provides a natural appearance compared to other options. Though wood can withstand a lot, it does have its limitations, and after years of being exposed to the elements, it can weaken and break down. To ensure your wood fence or greenhouse frame is in it for the long haul, reinforce your wood panels with steel posts.

But how can you add steel posts to a wood structure? The easiest way to do so is with the addition of wood-to-steel adapters. These unique pieces provide you with a simple way to attach steel posts directly to wood panels securely. Already have a fully installed wood fence but would like to add more structural support. Do not worry; our adapters can be added to an existing fence.

What Are Wood To Steel Adapters?

These adapters are comprised of a sturdy panel that has a welded band attached to it. We currently offer a variety of different adapters that are suited to meet the installation needs of all our customers. Our adapter styles include corner, post end, and post line. The band that will secure the steel post will be in different spots of the adapter, depending on its style. The different styles of these wood-to-steel adapters allow you to mount them almost anywhere on your wood fence or structure.

All our wood-to-steel adapters are designed to mount onto 2 x 4 boards. Though the bands that accept steel posts come in a range of different sizes spanning from 1 5/8” to 3”. We even offer a universal adapter that is just a panel with notches to allow you the freedom to add whatever size band you need to it.

What Are They Used For?

Wood-to-steel adapters can be used in a wide range of different applications. Most commonly, they are used to add structural support and longevity to wood fences. However, they can be used to add reinforcement to other outdoor structures. Some other structures include but are not limited to greenhouse frames and outdoor privacy barriers.

Improve the quality and durability of your wood structure today with the addition of our high-quality wood-to-steel adapters today.

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